CANDY time - nom nom nom!

I found some Christmas candy - finally!!!! Wahooooo!!! Let me blab for a bit k? So I went to check out the Christmas scrapping paper packs and didn't think anything was good enough for my blogging buddies. So I went over to the other paper pack section and I found Cosmo Cricket. Michaels only has two different packs, which just came in to their store. When I went to pay for it, it didn't even come up as a store item. I mentioned that maybe it would be free, but no such luck :) I held up the line for about 5 minutes (every one behind me was pleased as punch). But finally found the price and it was all good.... So that is my story.

Cosmo Cricket Earth Love & the Boyfriend 48 12 x 12 sheets of sweet goodness:

Retail price: $32 CAD which is approximately $29.71 USD and 20.13 EUR :)

Isn't it delish - I want it for myself!!!


I also have "Runner Up Candy"!!

Colorbok Chipboard Book - 5 sheet snowman
studio g holiday clear stamps - 5 packs in total varying from 3 - 5 stamps in each

(closer look at the stamps)

Retail price: $10 CAD which is approximately $9.29 USD and 6.29 EUR :)

Soooo, now I have to come up with some rules:

1. Become a follower and you get an entry, if you are already a follower you get an entry as well

2. You will get another TWO entries if you post/link on your blog about my Candy (please leave me a comment and your link on this post that you have done this, then I can allow for the extra entries)

3. You can also get another entry by commenting on this post and telling me something I don't know about you. Yes, I am snoopy - really though, I love to learn more about my blogging buddies. That's what makes us BUDDIES!

More rules:

If I can reach 100 followers, I will also throw in ANOTHER Cosmo Cricket paper pack - yeppers, double the yumminess!

This candy will close 11:59pm EST, Friday, November 20th. I will do a random draw and the winners will be posted on Saturday, November 21st.

This contest is open to all my world wide blogging buddies :)

Thank you everyone!!!!!



Trina said…
This blog candy is so YUMMY!!!
Im crossing my fingers for the runner up blog candy******

TeeHee ;)

Im already a follower ;)
AND! I will for sure be posting this delicious goodness on my blog.
AND!! Something about me??

I was attacked by a black lab when I was 7yrs. old and ever since then Ive been terrifed of dogs.
But this past May, my hubby brought home a 5 yr. old cocker spaniel, DIVA, and INSTANTLY her and I bonded!! She is my best friend and I LOVE her SOOOOOOOOO much! I would have never thought to ever love a dog as much as I love my DIVA.
I still am scared of bigger dogs, but not so much little ones anymore.

Lynda said…
Fabulous candy Deanne - you could become my personal crafting shopper - you definitely know what's IN!

Love Lynda xxx
Sandra M. said…
I seriously love those x-mas stamps!!! I NEED them something else you don't know about me besides my love for the swiffer...hhmmmmmmm, well I love rice! Like I often times for a snack will cook up a bowl of white rice. I am just realizing I am such a geek....but that is one more thing you now know about me :)

Hope your having a great Halloween weekend!!....Sandra
Marisa said…
I came to leave you a comment after your lovely comment on my card and looky what I found - blog candy :D You did a great job with the mojo sketch. Love the colours you used.

Love your Mike's story :D way to go getting things right away -- at the one here things FLY off the shelf and if it is a seasonal thing if you miss it too bad, so sad! I missed these cute Studio G stamps at my Mikes - may have to dig around next time LOL!

Something about me. I was born in Costa Rica and have lived in the USA (5 years while at University), Canada (where I live now) and The Netherlands (for a year while I worked with Billy Graham Association).
Jingle said…
I, of course, already follow your fabulousness!

As far as something about me that you don't know....well, I can't eat off of yellow plates. I hate them. I just can't do it. The thing that is more odd is that when I was sharing this with my Mother several years ago (because she got a couple of yellow plates) she told me that it was totally weird. Then, my sister came in and saw the yellow plates and told Mom not to give her that one because she can't eat off of yellow plates! HA! It must be genetic! LOL!
thescrapmaster said…
Well, I am already your adoring follower and I would absolutely LOVE to get me so cosmo. . . never had any before. . I know crazy talk huh?!

Hmmmm. . . what don't you know about me???? I am TOTALLY freaked out my mustard. I am completely serious. It gives me the creeps! It is the freakiest stuff in the world and I can't even look at it. When making a sandwich for my fiance, I make him put his own mustard on the sandwich. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't even have it in the house LMBO! :O)

gocanucksgo said…
Hi Deanne! Brand new follower here. I can't believe you're giving awawy these fantastic goodies. Your creations are amazing! I'm glad I found your blog. I have posted a picture on my side bar at Keep up the great work and thanks =)
sprigofivy said…
I love those Xmas stamps!!!

I have posted you on my blog at:

And, something you don't know about me.. This is easy.. I am a Saskatoonian, who is an amateur scrapper.. but addicted (I am FeministSprig on WB)...
Allison said…
How did I not see your blog candy earlier?? :)

Well, obviously I'm a follower and hmm, something you don't know about me... I have a really low tolerance for caffeine.

At the beginning of the school year when the teachers had to stay at the school until 8pm-ish to meet the parents (like a 12hr day), I thought it would be a good idea to get a coffee to keep me alert. Even though it took me most of the day to finish the medium, I was literally bouncing off the walls by the end of the night LOL. Needless to say, not a great first impression when I'm talking a mile a minute to the parents about their kids haha.

Thanks for the chance to win! That Cosmo paper looks awesome!!
Jen said…
Okay, I'm already a follower.

Posted your contest on my blog here:

Something you don't know about me is I hate condiments on my food. I don't want any "special sauce" or mustard or relish or mayonnaise. I want it plain with cheese and that's that. :o)
Unknown said…
Yumminess! I'm already a follower and hmmmm....something you don't know bout me....wiggly worms FREAK ME OUT! ha ha.
Dayna said…
What great blog candy!! Those stamps are super cute! I'm a new follower and have been loving your blog.

I posted your candy to my sidebar:

Hmmm...something about me. I can wiggle my ears (I know impressive right lol!)
Kerry said…
Those stamps are super cute. I am a new follower. I posted your link on my blog. You can find me at

And something about me. I'm a military spouse. The love of my life is career airman.
Beth aka BR-T said…
Oh I love that paper pack combo stack! I am already following you and will link this to my side bar.

Let's see I originally was a potter until I had kids and I want to go back but worry I won't be any good!
Shelly said…
What lovely Christmas candy, Deanne! I'm a follower and I have you linked at on my side bar at:

Thanks for offering such nice candy.

Something you probably don't know about me is that I'm one of three sisters married to three brothers. We have a blast when we get together as a family!
Sheila said…
Hi Deanne - what awsome Christmas candy. I'm a follower and have linked you on my side bar at:
Thanks for the chance to win the great blog candy.
Ummm...something about me, I'm one of three sisters married to three brothers. :D
Dotty Jo said…
Hi Deanne - yummy candy! I've been following your blog for a while now and have posted to let everyone know that there's candy to be had over here at your place. I sooooo felt like keeping it quiet but like the good girl that I am I've spread the news far and wide!
Not sure what to tell you about myself... how about that I am terrified of spiders but share my house with TWO Tarantulas? They are called 'Mini' and 'Dot' and they came free with my hubby - boy, must I love him or what! Jo x
~amy~ said…
that is some SWEET blog candy...wooo hooo...I love comsmo cricket goodness and those snowmen...a-dorable!

1. I'm a follower now!!!
2. I posted a pic of your candy on my blog!
3. Hmmm...I'm a Canadian living in the states...

Thanks for the chance to win some fabbie candy!!
Smita said…
Such beautiful candy!! I wouldn't mind being the runner up either ;-)!

I am a follower... so you can give me an additional chance ;-)

One thing you don't know about me... well, since you don't know me, there are many i can list...I am a SAHM to a 3 year old boy; and I live in India.. :-)

I have added your blog candy alert to my blog both as a post and as a side-bar link ;-) Does that make it 4 chances? :D Just kidding.. here's the link:

Thanks for the chance

Arlie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arlie said…
Great blog candy - what a prize!
I am already a follower and will be posting a link on my blog.

Something you don't know about me ..... my son's 8th birthday is on you deadline for you blog candy - he is the perfect inspiration for my scrapping!

Thanks for sharing your creativeness with all of us.
RDH said…
Wow!!! Great craft store story, and great candy!!! I will become a follower post a link on my blog and now something about me.....I'm a lefty which does pose some challenges when working with papercrafting tools :(
Jessie said…
Hi Deanne, What amazing blog candy! I'm now following your blog and I will link your candy on my side bar now. Hugs, Jessie in Ireland :)
Anonymous said…
LOL! I have done the same thing while cashing out"No price? Then it must be free!" The comment just doesn't get the response that I'm looking for but it doesn't discourage me from using it! Love what you have up for grabs Deanne! You are soooooooo generous. Still rebounding from our vacation but will blog something this week and will be sure to mention your Christmas candy. Now a little something about me,......hmmmmm, I love to scare people. I've always been a prankster and I'll go to great lengths to get people to jump out of there boots! So mature eh?{Hugs} Tracy
Jaya Christina said…
Thanks for the chance to win.
Have posted a link to this..

And lovely stuff as Candy! wow!

Something abt me.. I LOVE Christmas.. I make christmas cards throughout the year.. hehe.. now don't u think I should win this stash :o) hehehe.. j/k!
Megan said…
Love the candy! Cosmo Cricket is one of my favs.

So I just became a follower...super cute blog.

Now on to something about me...hmmm...I love stars. I have four tattoos and they are all star themed. Strange I know...but I love them.

Thanks for the chance to win some awesome candy!
💚heidi said…
OK, so I was completely SHOCKED that I wasn't already a follower. But now I am. :o)

Something about me...hmmmmm...I have read 26 books so far this year...BUT I've only read the Harry Potter and Twilight serieses. Is that sad or what? LOL. Twilight 2xs and I'm half way thru my 3rd tour of HP.

Off to blog about your YUMMY candy!!! I LOVE both the Boyfriend and Earth Love lines.
💚heidi said…
Aaaaaand, I've blogged about your yummy candy!!
A Sarasota said…
Wow, love the Cosmo Cricket Earth Love and Boyfriend lines... nice candy! Let's see, something about me--I played varsity Bball in high school, there ya go. WIll have to become a follower now! thanks!
connie said…
Hi Deanne! I am new to your blog and have become a follower!

Something about me...I love to read but have not read the twilight books yet! My daughter just gave me her's and told me I have to read them!
Anonymous said…
Okay, I just posted to my blog and did a bit of name dropping ! Congrats on your DT post. You're going to "rock it" I'm sure.;D Tracy
Kim Dellow said…
Mmm yummy candy - did not even know that you could get two packs in one! Fab! I'm a follower and I've linked your candy in my sidebar.

Now - something about me - errrrrmmmm? I love science fiction :) How is that ? Tee Hee.

Thanks for the go at the lovely candy. Kim
Unknown said…
found you from ARTiQl8 and became a follower right away!
Also posted about your candy on my blog

Something you don't know about me ... I was at Michaels the other day to buy supplies to make my girls an advent calendar. $180 later .... sigh, I really should have shares in Michaels!! I'll be posting my advent calendar once I get it made so stay tuned!!
Leah l'Orange said…
SO following this blog! the name alone has me sold, and you're in saskatchewan, which is where my gram was from! :) woot, canuck!

this candy? yeah, amazing. i SO heart cosmo cricket. mmmmm.
Leah l'Orange said…
yes yes, plugging your candy in my sidebar! done! :D

thank you for the chance at such tasty papery goodness!
Leah l'Orange said…
and, hmmm... something you don't know about me? well, you know nothing about me, i suppose, so this should be easy, right? :)

how about this:
i once had a cat who got under my feet while i was walking back to my room in the middle of the night, and i stepped on her and rolled forward, smacking my face against the wall, breaking my nose, and giving myself a lovely concussion, plus raccoon eyes for two weeks! it was a good time. LOL.
Lori said…
Hi Deanne! Well, you know I'm already a devoted follower of yours. I posted info about your blog candy on my blog here
As for something you don't know about me... I can't remember what you know about me and what you don't...Hmmm...I have three kids and no pets. :)
MrsMomma said…
Awesome blog candy, Deanne!!

I'm already a follower.
I posted on my blog..

And something you don't know about me..... uh.... I love radio dramas.
Ellen said…
Oh, I love that paperpad! What a awesome blog candy Deanne!
I've become a follower of your blog and put your candy (with link) in my sidebar; You can find my blog here.
And then something you don't know about me........ I love candy (and I don't mean the blog candy but real sweet candy) Hmmmm.....
Carla said…
Yummy candy!! Awesome.
I'm a new follower & have added a link to your candy on my sidebar.

Something about me . . . I'm another Canadian scrapper!! (So happy to find other Canadians in blogland!!) Something a little more interesting - I'm a (proud) cancer survivor!

Thanks for the chance to win!
Penny said…
Wow! Great candy! Thanks so much for this chance to win!!! I've posted a link in my sidebar here!

I'm also your newest follower :)

Something you don't know about me, something not many people know about me actually: I have to eat small items in EVEN NUMBERS. Like grapes, or junior mints, skittles, stuff like that, I can't eat one and I can't eat three... it has to be two or four, or six.... It's weird, I know.
lucretia said…
Hi, I've just discovered your blog and I'm curious too, so would like to know more. Can't think what to say. Well, I was so blonde as a child (and beyond) that the other children called me Albino. I don't have any sisters, but always wanted one. I can paint and draw with both hands, but can only write with my right hand.
Mona said…
Thanks for giving us this opportunity.
1. I´m a follower
2. Posted Your link on my blog
3. You don´t know anything about me. It´s the first time I´m looking in here. I live in Denmark, that´s a fact and know You know :-)
I´ll cross my fingers and hope on good luck.
Sweet Momiji said…
Hey Deanne! Aweosme, awesome blog candy!
I have been a follower of yours for awhile now. :)
Sweet Momiji said…
I have your blog candy posted on my blog here:
Sweet Momiji said…
And something you don't know about me.....

I am scared of frogs. They really freak me out. Ewww... ((shudder))
Beth aka BR-T said…
Fun candy!!! I think Cosmo Cricket rocks!
I am a follower and will link to my side bar!

Lets see something to share I love bugs and snakes! Beth aka BR-T
jude said…
Omg i just luurrrvvv the papers my fav such fab candy fingers crossed it flies my way!Already follower ,linked post to candy jar ,and just incase you dont know i live in the wet and windy Uk we are having gales heavy rains and flooding ....wot id do for
mwah hugs judex
Anonymous said…
Fab candy!! I am a follower, you are closing in on 100!

As for something you don't know about me, let's see I can wiggle my ears.

Hope to get a post up about the candy later today.
noga said…
hi i'm a new follower so you don't know me, but i'm almost 25 student, and from israel.
thanks for the candy
Hello! I'm new to your blog. I learnt about it from my friend Lori. I'm very glad because I really love your creations! you're very talented!
I have posted about you here
And what you don't know about me... I live in Russia. :)
CraftingAnu said…
Wow. Awesome candy! I added a link to it on my sidebar. I've also become a follower so I can come to your awesome blog in the future.

Well something about me...u don't know me so everything will be new for u. Well, I love travelling and I've lived in many different countries- India, USA, Laos, Kuwait and Yemen.
What an amazing candy! *yummy* !!!

you don't know about me, that we have three little sweety rat girls as pets :)

I am a follower and today I added a link in my sidebar back to your candy.
Yummy yummy candy! Hope I win!

Something about me...hmmm...I am secretly obsessed with Miley Cirus and I LOVEEEE watching Hannah Montana! hehehehe :)

And I'm already an follower! :)
-Megs :)
Jacey's Mom said…
Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.
I'm a follower and I blogged about your blog candy.
Something about me...I used to be able to write with both hands but now I'm strictly a lefty. =)
Rosalee said…
Oh Wow, That is so sweet of you to offer this Blog Candy. I have now become a follower and I have added a link to the sidebar on my blog.
I am married and have a 16 month old daughter who is my pride and joy. I come from Manitoba, Canada and I live on a farm.
Wow on your candy
I've added a link in my sidebar
something you don't know about me is when I buy scrapbooking paper I MUST buy it in 2's even when I only need one sheet it's a good/bad habit lol
Huggs Anne L
Nikki said…
Your candy is so delish thanks for the chance I have posted a pic in my side bar and I am a new follower too
lets see I love collecting old vintage postcards they are just beautiful little works of art
hugs Nikki C
Katy said…
Welllllll im the 100th follower yippieeeee. Loving all this beautiful candy, so kind of you. I would love any of it.

Now going to link this to my blog.

Hmm something about me, i have Agoraphobia BUT im getting lots better now :D bet you didnt know that lol.

Much Love Katy xxxxxxxxxx
Justine said…
Holy Guacamole, I am so happy that Kim Delany had your candy on her side bar!! Before I leave to go add it to my blog, what can I tell you about me?
Well I might be as addicted to Blogging as I am making cards!! I certainly spend a good deal of time here cruising around checking out everyone's creations. Off to Follow and link. Wish me LUCK
Rosa Forino said…
It would be great to receive such a gift! Thank you for this opportunity. saluti dall'italia
the post on
Anonymous said…
I linked you up to my blog at and I can tell you that you know nothing about me so anything I tell you will work... HA! I have 4 kids, 4 cats, one husband and live in North Carolina.
Kleine85 said…
oh wow what a great candy!! thanks for having the chance.

i linked you on my sidebar, look here

greetings from germany

Regina said…
hello Deanne
your selection of goodies is so wonderful, I have my fingers crossed.
Thanks for the chance to win. It would be a dream come true to win this lovely blog candy!
I’m now a follower of your lovely blog and I have added your candy in my side bar.
A little bit from me: I'm dreaming of a trip through the U.S.

Lot of greetings from Germany
Anonymous said…
Woooooow,Thanks for this chance.

I'm a follower.

I added your candy on my blog:

I'm an Italian girl.
I live in Turin with my boyfriend and my hamster. I study at university, I'm almost finished.
I love reading, traveling, creating, cooking sweet ... and I love all animals.
Heather said…
Hello girl. Guess what? I am having a giveaway also. I am in Iowa, US. I just started my blog 1 month ago. Love your stuff and please count me in for the blog candy. I am following you now.
Christine said…
Thanks for the chance to win! I'm following you, linked to your candy, and sneaked in before the wire! Yikes! Hope that's okay, just found this!

Something you don't know about me... I procrastinate horribly!

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