Betty get well

Derek made me a "pre - get well" carrot cake with Betty Crocker vanilla icing *yum*

The "chef" himself:

Cut like only a pro could:

Happy Sunday! And, I got a terrible sunburn today - why didn't I use sunscreen?? There is the lesson of the day - use sunscreen!!!


This weekend

Well, I got the call to go in for surgery - I have 1 1/2 weeks to get all the house things done. I am preparing to be off work for 4 weeks so unfortunately, that means no gardening, taking care of the yard or the house. So while in the garden this weekend, I looked up to find many jet marks in the sky. Such an unusual pattern - I thought it was so pretty. I ran to the house covered in mud and grabbed the camera.

Surgery also means I won't have time for a lot of "craftiness" for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, while I am recovering I will have the creativeness to do some paper crafts.

Derek bought me the special issue of Paper Crafts: 225 Cards & Gifts

We will see if that works!

Happy Sunday! We finally have a beautiful summer weekend here - the tree flowers are finally blooming!!


My Scrapping Audit ~ Complete~

Part 2: My Scrapping Audit (Week One Organization Challenge)


Keepsake/photo selection - clear plastic containers. Probably not everyone's solution, but it works for me because I don't print a lot of photos at once.

Embellishments - clear containers hung on walls; clipped to wall wire.

Ribbon - organized on a ribbon holder.

Paper bits - organized by color, labeled in colored boxes.

Chipboard embellishments/stickers - organized in labeled binders in baseball card protectors.


12 x 12 paper - I used to keep the paper closed up in my closet, I didn't even want to go in there. Recently I organized the paper, but it still needs serious work. I need easy access, not crammed in a non-accessible spot.

Alpha organization - Again, somewhat organized, but still so difficult to access in small bags.

Odds and ends - I don't know what to call this category or how to organize such things.

Drawers - not only are there old labels on the drawers, but I have more odd and ends in them. VERY disorganized. This is the biggest thing I need help on.

Happy Thursday!



At the Zoo

Part one of the Space Audit (Organization Challenge Week One) is to start and complete a LO.


This two page LO took a bit of extra work, the more paper I use, the more work I make for myself.

We had such a fantastic time at the Phoenix Zoo! It was only a 30 hour drive from Canada.
This was actually my second time at this zoo and I would go again and again.

Some details:

Our zoo entry tickets:

Part two of this weeks challenge, jot down what works and what needs help when doing a scrapbook LO. That will be tomorrow's blog :D Betcha can't wait!

Happy Wednesday!


Starting a challenge

I am thinking of participating in a scrapbooking/room organization challenge:


*Sigh* what have I gotten myself into!

The first week is Space Audit. I have everything printed off so I know exactly what I am doing and how to participate in this challenge. I started my LO tonight but didn't get finished, so I will post about it tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday! Wish me luck! Sorry about my boring blog entry :D


Poor puppy

Well, in "lieu" of Peeps' vet appointment today, I did a 2 page LO of Peeps from last his last vet appointment. Has to be the saddest I have ever seen him *awwwwwwwh*.

Home from dental surgery:

Page 1:

Page 2: All my journal entering is done with my computer printer.

One thing I rarely do is hand write on my LO. I was feeling wild.

The details:

Fun little bone paper clips from work (I work with osteoporosis patients):

Happy Monday! Wish Peeps well tonight at the dreaded vet check-up.


No excuses!

Has it been almost one full week since I have blogged?? Oopsies! I haven't done anything that has been blog worthy. So I got my butt in gear and did some scrapbooking.

LO of Peeps:

Some of the details:

It is our doggy's yearly vet check-up tomorrow. We are not looking forward to it, as every year he has to have dental surgery. We are positive we will be told that he needs more teeth pulled. He has become our 'million dollar dog' (literally).

Happy Sunday, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


Project: Dining Room

I started on Friday and finished today. I paced myself so I wouldn't get too sore and took 1 1/2 days off in between :)

S0 here it is, my dining room makeover:


After (baseboards will be painted white when we re-do the floors):

And my Damask stencil feature wall:

And that is that! Now you know how I spent my long weekend.

Happy Monday - hope all my Canadian friends enjoyed their long weekend!



The best part of painting was being near all the birds. The sun came out and warmed up the day. It was so nice to hear the birds singing.

Sneak peek

I finished the feature wall in our dining room. I am quite pleased with it. Here is a sneak peak of how it turned out.


T'was the night before...

uuuhhh... Christmas????

Lemonade anyone?

Seriously folks. Do I need to find my winter boots again??

Happy Thursday (again). Hope you have sunshine and flowers on your side!

The long weekend is upon us!

And what better way to spend it then being inside?? *insert big smile here* Actually, I am undertaking the dining room this weekend. I had finished one window with the white trim.

Next on the dining room list:

1. Paint the remaining window trim white.

2. Paint all walls apple green.

3. Add stencil feature wall in buttercream yellow:

The kitchen will be apple green with a feature wall of chocolate paint:

And there you have it, my very exciting weekend will be very.... exciting!

Happy Thursday!



Will it end??

*Yuck* It is another ugly day out there. Today it feels like -9C (15.8 F). There is snow on the ground and there is an ugly wind.

I braved the wind and snow to grab a dreary photo this morning. But, for fun, let's compare to a year ago today.

May 15, 2008 Please note the flowers, the sun, and the green leaves everywhere:

May13, 2009 Please note the snow, no sun, no flowers or green leaves, and the torn patio mat from the wind:

Please Spring, come out soon - I would love to plant some flowers and the garden!!

Happy Wednesday! Hope it is warmer in your part of the world!


Ugly Dolls...

...are hilarious!!!

Me and Chuckanucka:

Deer Ugly and Cinko dolls:

The rest of the gang:

Why did I not buy a million of these little guys - they are so gosh darn cute!!

Happy Monday


Oooh, I forgot this!

Big exiting news in our home... We bought our living room and dining room laminate flooring today!! We had looked at real hard wood, but found it can be easily scratched. We have two cats and one small dog and just didn't want to take that chance. So we went with laminate. The joke is on me though, it an oak. But the color is fantastic!!! Lucky us, we have my FIL to install it for us - we don't know what we would do without him!

So the carpet underneath is what we are replacing with the laminate.

And with our kitchen floor.

It is sooo pretty - I can't wait until it is all done!