In with the 80's Wedneday

L.A. Gear ladies:

Uhmmm, need I say more???

Seriously, what were we thinking??? The shoes, the socks, the hair, the outfits - I could go on. I only wish I could have looked like that in the 80's. I guess I just wasn't high class enough :)
Those high wasted spandex shorts kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(For the record, sooo hard to find anything L.A. Gear in 80's related - this was the best I could do).
Deanne xoxo


Organizing paper

I finally did it! And it feels so good to be organized!

All my little scrap pieces organized into nine craft boxes. I will eventually get the right colored box for the right colored paper, just to be uber organized!

I unfortunately took some very lousy photos, but you get the idea:

Deanne xoxo


Black & White cards

Just a few simple cards I made on the weekend. I got the paper and chipboard embellishments from Michaels in their under $7 rows. Love that section!

Very quick and easy, I should have made more while I had everything out.


Making crafty curtains

For next to nothing... An old white bed sheet and some craft acrylic paint. So really, it cost me a big fat Zero. They aren't fancy pants curtains or anything but they will do :) They add just a little coziness to my craft room.

I used penciled around a lid to get a circle and painted them.

I used six paint colors: pink, yellow, teal, blue, purple and green

And there you have it, cheap-o curtains:

Deanne xoxo



Remember that I was going to re-craft my ice cream container?
Well, in lieu of Earth Day, I recycled it into a plant container. Do paper, glue, water and dirt go together? Not at all. But I did it anyway.

A reminder of what it used to look like:

And the new version:

I also covered a ceramic container with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and a chipboard embellishment. It now holds my glue and scissors.

I have been busy today doing other projects too, I will post more when I take pictures.

Deanne x0x0


Where is that so called Spring?

It is an ugly Spring day out there:

(see, I wasn't lying)

So to add a little sunshine into my life, I am posting some sunshiny photos of our vacation last week - seems so long ago now.

The Excalibur:

The Luxor:



There, I feel better already :)

Deanne xoxo


I am doing fine

Just in case you were all worried about me, I am fine LOL. I went for my first alcohol injection for Mortons neuroma this morning. I have done cortisone injections in the past that didn't react that well with my body, so I have high hopes for the alcohol. No it does not make me drunk (guess how many times I have heard that one!).

I have to go every Wednesday for 6 weeks to have these stupid, painful injections done by my surgeon, so wish me luck!! If this doesn't work then I have to have surgery, which sounds like it could be quite invasive and I would be off work for who knows how long. And there is always a possibility it may come back. But, I am staying positive.... now enough about me...

On a positive note: Derek has "aloud" me to start updating our oak in our home. White paint here I come!! It only took 1 1/2 years of persuasion on my part.

Deanne xoxo

In with the 80's Wednesday

I was their Number 1 fan - seriously, I thought I was. I am talking about the the 1980s glam metal band Poison.

I have to be honest though, when Look What the Cat Dragged In album was released (1986), I thought they were women. I truly did. I had gotten the newest Hit Parader magazine at the time, opened it up and saw a photo of Bret Michaels (lead singer), and thought (s)he was such a pretty lady. My friend (Shauna) told me I was crazy and pointed out all the armpit hair LOL. That is when I realized that this was the coolest band in the world - men in makeup!! How fancy!! I was hooked from there on out.

My room, no matter how many times I moved when I was a child, was always covered from head to toe in Poison posters and magazine pinups. I even had a door poster where Bret was *almost* life size *sigh*

Their debut album, Look What the Cat Dragged In was released on August 2, 1986. It included one single, followed by three hits, "Talk Dirty to Me", "I Want Action", and "I Won't Forget You". "I Won't Forget You" is one of my all time favorite Poison songs.

Poison's second album, Open Up and Say...Ahh!, was released on May 21, 1988. It peaked at #2 on the American charts and would ultimately go on to sell 8 million copies worldwide. The album included the band's biggest hit, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" along with other top 10 hits, "Nothin' But a Good Time", and "Fallen Angel".

The album had created a controversy with its initial cover, a depiction of a female demonic figure with an apparently obscenely long tongue. A censored version of the cover followed, focusing on the figure's eyes.

My cassette tape had the alternative :)

Original cover: Alternative cover:

Poison's third album, Flesh & Blood, was released on June 21, 1990. It also was highly successful, peaking at #2. The record went multi-platinum, spawning three gold singles: "Unskinny Bop," "Ride the Wind," and the ballad "Somthing To Believe In ".

It too features an alternate cover, as the original featured what appeared to be running ink or possibly blood from the tattoo. (Subsequent versions of this cover removed this "extra" ink.)

Original cover:

Alternative cover:

Poison recorded a number of performances during its 1990/1991 Flesh & Blood tour which were released in November 1991 as their fourth album, Swallow This Live. The double album features live tracks from Poison's first three studio albums and four new studio tracks, which were the last recorded before C.C. Deville's departure from the band later that year.

The Band

Bret Michaels, vocals:

C.C. DeVille, guitar:

Bobby Dall, bass:

Rikki Rockett, Drums:

After doing all this "research," I had to run downstairs and dig in my keepsakes box. I pulled out my Poison scrapbook that I had made in the 80/90's and went through it. I am in possession of a 22 year old Poison magazine LOL - maybe I should put it on Ebay ;) Think anyone would mind that it is covered in my writing - I had to answer all the quizzes in it - afterall, I was truly their Number 1 fan.

Deanne xoxo


Love fills a Lifetime

While in the middle of my craft room "re-fancy" I stopped to do a quick scrapbooking layout (LO). I finally scrapped our wedding invitation (from 2006).

LO 1 of 2:

LO 2 of 2:

Some of the details:

Scrapping Ingredients:
Paper: Making Memories
Brads: Making Memories Metallic Flowers
Chipboard/Metal Embellishments: Crafts - Make It Special
Ribbon: Home & More / Dashes, Dots & Checks

Deanne xoxo


Botanical Gardens

More photos from our holidays :) Hope you don't get too bored as I will be posting a few more in the future.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens:

To ensure the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens maintains magnificence 365 days a year, 140 expert horticulturists theatrically arrange gazebos, bridges, ponds, and water features uniquely for each season.

It was gorgeous as always here, too bad the boys weren't quite as amazed as I.

This little guy stopped to get his photo taken:


Dolphins, Alpacas, and Tigers - Oh My!!

I just wanted to post a few photos of Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat in Las Vegas. We finally visited this exhibited and it was soooo worth the wait (even the boys enjoyed it)!

White tigers:

Java, the 11 month old leopard:

Mr Lion soaking up the sun:

Alpaca scratching an itch with the tree stump:

The beautiful dolphins. I do believe this is mother and son - I wish I could remember all their names (there were 6 dolphins in total).

My new friend: