I have CANDY to give away!!!

It's not much (like seriously almost laughable), but it's blog candy nonetheless! Just a small "thank you" to all my blogging buddies! I was actually meaning to do some crafting tonight, but I ran out of glue and then I ran out of envelopes - so off to the store we go. I picked up these adorable chipboard stickers for myself to start Christmas crafting (that's right, I said START - I am sooo far behind). Anyway, instead of giving them to myself, I decided to give them away.

I placed a quarter so you could see how big they are :)

So, here are the rules to my first blog candy giveaway:

1. You must be a follower
2. You must make a comment on this post
3. Your comment must contain something I don't know about you;
for example: your favorite pizza topping, fav color, your dogs name (the possibilities are endless)

I will post the winner this Friday, October 23. This giveaway closes when I post the winner LOL - does that make sense??? And I will send worldwide too!

FYI: I am still having a larger blog candy but that comes in November - more to come on that :)
Oooooh - I love all the comments so far!! How fun to learn about stuff!! Since you all are sharing, I should too! Something you may not know about me: I have a weird obsession with buying liquid hand soap - I probably have about 12 in stock and then one in each of my 4 bathrooms!! (yes, we have an abundance of bathrooms). That is a lot of soap *hee hee*

Have a fantastic Tuesday!!!



Alissa said...

Hi Deanne,
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I have had a look through some of your scrapping sensations, fantastic stuff. Can't wait to see more. Oh and... something about me... my favourite thing to photograph is... all things nature :)

Biscuitlid said...

aaah no card or scrap page? Candy a nice surprise though, thanks for the chance to win.

What can I tell you about me? Hmm, I used to have twin stripey tabby cats called Toejam and Earl - named after a game that I had at the time!


Sandy said...

ohhhhh I love candy.....thanx for the opportunity....hmmmm lets see....along with crafting and coffee....I am addicted to chocolate!!!!

Lori said...

Hey Deanne! These are so cute...this is great blog candy! Hmm...you already probably know that I love snowmen, I can't stop making bows since I got the Bow Easy, I love digi stamps...shessh you know everything about me! :)Okay, here's a new thing... I'm an accountant for my "real" job.

Diana Fisher said...

What a cute idea for a giveaway!! OK... you don't know that I was president of the drama club when I was a senior in high school (hard to think of something I haven't scrapped. Since you read my blog, you know more than I think you may know). This I've never said out loud online! Now you know... :)

Jingle said...

I am, of course, a follower. Hmmm...something you don't know about me.... I sang the National Anthem at a Mets game when I was in high school. Of course, it was in a whole choir, not a solo, but STILL! LOL!

Jen said...

Great idea! Something you don't know about me...I secretly wish I was as crafty as you! And as ambitious. Oh poo, I wish I was you minus the 6:00am paper route! I was the editor and president of the Year book when I was in grade 12.

Lynda said...

Oh Deanne these stickers are gorgeous. How can you possible manage to part with them? Something you don't know about me.... I really don't like Liver, Mushrooms or Peppers urgh!

Lynda xxx

Lisa said...

Love your new look! I almost thought my computer brought up another blog by mistake! LOL Well everyone loves blog candy so I thought I'd say hello! Well since we really don't know eachother I could tell you lots of things you don't know, but I'll go with I married my high school sweetheart! Thanks Deanne!

DottyJo said...

Hi Deanne - how sweet are you!!! What can I possibly tell you about myself??? How about this one... for my 40th birthday my adorable hubby gave me 'digger racing' as a present! I had to race a huge mechanical digger around an obstacle course. There was only one other woman, all the others were were big, hairy 'move over lil' girl' men!
You will be glad to know that I got the highest score of the day, but this was only because I drove so carefully that I didn't hit anything or get any points deducted for bad driving!
I have a framed certificate to prove it and I always smile to myself whenever I see a bright yellow digger!
Jo x

Sweet Momiji said...

Ooooh! Blog candy!!!
Well, I have been a follower for some time now. :D

And something you don't know about me...... Ummmm.... Well, I am so geeky that instead of the traditional wedding march, I walked down the aisle to a song off my favorite video game! :)
Did you know that????


Trina said...

Oooooo blog candy!!
Nice Nice!!
Im hungry....**crosses fingers**
I JUST became a follower too :)
No heres something you dont know about me........
I have the voice of a 12 yr. old little girl and its soooooo annoying! I try to make myself sound deeper but everyone just laughs :(

Mo said...

hmmmmm...in Highschool I was on the track team for my Freshman year....I did the long jump (he he), 4 x 100 relay and was a sprinter....the rest of my HS years I spent on the tennis team. the candy is cute!

Sandra M said...

I'd love me some free candy...who doesn't love candy :) Well, what can I tell you about me, that you don't know...Just about everything right?!?! Well, I do love your blog(but you already know that) so here goes...I LOVE to Swiffer :P No seriously, I do! And I'm pretty sad right now cause my swiffer vac is on it's last leg and the Cdn tire in my town doesn't have any in stock!! Jeez, that's pretty lame :(