Scrap room *photo overload*

I am finished my scrap room! I reorganized everything and brought in a much larger desk. Yippee!

Maybe I should call it a *budget scrap room*, as I don't have a huge budget on scrapping. Everything is mismatched and what you see is what you get. I don't have Prima flowers hiding anywhere or containers upon containers of brads and embellishments. Don't get me wrong - that would be a dream!!! And as you can see I am an amateur scrapper as well, I don't have the latest and greatest goodies. I just buy cheap and clearance items LOL

There is just enough table room for a die-cut machine that I am asking Santa for this year :D Just got to figure out which one will work for me - any suggestions would be great!

Some of my crafty helpers (who says a 30-something-year-old can't have toys):

Some of my greenery, I love having plants in my craft room.

Hard to believe it ever looked like this for a very long time:

Well, I am done for the weekend - see you all on Monday!!

Happy Friday! Please enjoy your weekend. I am going to the zoo so I will be back with new photos - we have lion babies at our zoo!!


Brenda said...

You room really looks like a fun place to get creative! I love how you have it decorated!
I have the Cricut and love it!

DeeDee said...

hey if it works for you then it is the best place to be...I love it..and I like how you did the drawer fronts...have fun in there..

Brenda said...

I have something for you on my blog!

Derek said...

AWESOME lookin room hun!!!! Your the best budget scrapbooker every :-)

Anonymous said...

Lynne said: You have done such an incredible job staging your craft room. It's gorgeous and so eye- appealing. I'm at a loss for words to adequately describe your creativity and talent. You're amazing Deanne. Everything is absolutely beautiful, including your new desks. But it's what you do with the furniture that makes everything look like a million bucks.Soooooooooooo Awesome!!!!!

Jen said...

Looks amazing as always!

Jen said...

Hey we went to the zoo last weekend. Check out my blog for pics! There were baby cougars and grown-up lions.

Derek said...

PS - as far as your die cutting suggestions go....I say the Slice sux for speed, but its cartridges are WAY better....the Cricut is WAY faster and is better, but its cartriges are not as good and are MORE $......My choice is the Cricut. Why do I know all this you ask?? Because I take an interest in my wife's creativeness (and maybe I secretly scrapbook every night when Deanne is asleep and I use my own Cricut) :-) LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! what did you do to the drawer fronts anyway? Or are those dots just boxes inside?

Derek - you are too funny! You should start sharing some of your layouts!


Deanne said...

Thanks for the all the comments :)

Sandi - I lined the drawers with scrapbook paper.