Sunday Brings Lots of Pictures

What a day! I got a chance to do some cards as I had taken a couple days off from being crafty. These cards were quite the challenge. A friend wanted some Grandpa cards with specifics in mind - so I had to think long and hard of what my Grandpa would like. Pink and glitter were out of the question ;)

Grandpa card #1 - Her Grandpa likes to fish:

My first time using SCAL - I got a bit of glue on the letters - hope Grandpa doesn't mind/see it!

Grandpa card #2 - Her other Grandpa likes to farm:

SCAL again - love that program! AND I actually wrote the "The" on the card. Pretty risky for me considering I always seem to ruin stuff with my handwriting.

Card Ingredients:
Brazzill paper; Recollections cardstock; Little City and Kristen fonts; American Tradional Designs Great Outdoors embellishments

While I was busy, my husband made me something too:

That's right ladies, I am the best "scrap-er" in the world ;)

And while we were busy, so were our cats (Max & Baby):

Busy enjoying the sun and sleeping, that is.

Happy Sunday!! Hope the day is treating you all well!


Diana Fisher said...

Well, that is just the sweetest thing ever! Great cards!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG that is just too sweet!! And I think the cards are great and very grampa-y!!

Sweet Momiji said...

Cute cards! I would of been stumped if someone told me to make a 'Grandpa Card.'
I will have to show Shannon what your husband made you. I want an award for my scrapbook room!! LOL

BTW, I LOVE the first two HP movies! I think they're the best!
And I always think its great to meet another gamer girl! What games do you play??


Lynne said...

I was so touched when I saw the Award Derek made for you. He's such a gem, and I'm so happy for you. Both you and Derek make me so proud. The cards you made are fabulous. And Max & Baby are very special. Thanks also for the fun time we spent together this weekend.

Sandy said...

your projects are awesome...love the background paper on the fishing one...and I just gonna cry...bein a single girl and all could you find one like that for me...LOL...give him a hug from all of us....toooooo sweet!...ps you deserve it!

Jen said...

The cards look great! I'm so excited! They are perfect!

I can't believe Derek made you an award, that's so sweet it's making me sick :o) He should have used the cricut for it! I mean, really, a little effort would have been nice instead of just printing it out! J/K! Well, congrats anyway!

Jingle said...

LOL! That is too cute that your husband did that for you! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! It always makes me happy!

MrsMomma said...

Great cards! The gramps are sure to love them! I've got to show my hubby how supportive yours is!! lol Soooo sweet! Your cats have made me smile.