Ikea Scraproom

MORE scraproom photos. Are you getting sick of them yet??

We made a detour to Edmonton and went to Ikea before the wedding. I LOVE that store!!

We bought me a new $30 book shelf so that the old one can go in my closet.

There is my Cricket, I just need some time to play with it!!! Derek got me Sure Cuts A Lot too!!!!!!

My new Ikea shelves ($4 each) and lime green brackets. The brackets were on clearance for 50 cents a piece. I have lime green paint to do an accent wall too.

And my pretty new $59 chair!

I love my scrap room. Not only is it budget friendly but it is cheery and fun! I am very lucky to have my own creative room!

Happy Monday to all!


DeeDee said...

what a nice space you have to do your crafting...thanks for letting us take a look..

visit me at; deedeescraftspot.blogspot.com

Brenda said...

Love how it is looking and how lucky to get the SCAL!!!Your new Cricut has found a nice place!

Jingle said...

And what stands out to me? Those AMAZING Plushies!!!! How cute are THEY? Did you make them? Seriously. I am in love with them! our space does look great, though!

Sandy said...

looks just awesome...so happy for you...thanx for the congrats on the award...hope you took one for yourself!

Derek said...

I love that chair!!! Maybe I should start scrapbooking so I can sit in it :-)
Jingle - if plushies means stuffed thingys those guys are called Ugly Dolls...they are HILARIOUS...check out http://www.uglydolls.com/
If that is not what a plushy is then I apologize....I am just a husband pretending like he knows what he is talking about....LOL...

Lynne said...

Deanne, your craft room is amazing. I love all the new additions that you found at Ikea. And to think that you just got back from Alta. yesterday, and you have your room all set up already - incredibly unbelievable :) :) :)
P.S. Derek - A wonderful reply to Jingle!!! She'll be delighted to hear from you, no doubt.

Sweet Momiji said...

I'm not getting sick of them! I'm still going back and looking at the older pics! I LOVE your scrapbook room! Mine is seriously in need of attention... Want to organize it too? LOL

I love all those little pops of colors. But how in the world do you get so much done and still keep your room so clean????

I don't think I'll ever be able to conquer that. lol


suzARTe said...

you have an awesome craft room, so very neat and cheerful. Hopefully my craft room will look like yours one day

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