Blink 182 + FOB

That's right, me and Derek braved the 16-year-old kiddies at the Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy concert (All American Rejects were there too, but they don't count). We had quite possibly the worst seats in the world. We were 3 rows from the very back wall and as high as you could get. Heat rises, and we were sooooooooooooo blinkin hot! Never again will we buy such crappy seats - we would rather stand on the floor any day!

Here we are sweating like oinkers!

I *heart* Pete and Patrick from Fall Out Boy:

I had such a hard time getting any sort of photos of Blink 182 - their lights were funky and they were moving around wayyyy too much.

But I did manage to get a few at the end of Mark and Tom:

And I was absolutely thrilled when Travis and his drum kit moved up in the air so I could actually see him!!!! He did an amazing drum solo.

I am surprised I got any decent photos considering where we were seated. Hopefully I can sneak in my camera again into the next concert we go to.

And that is that. We had a great long weekend! I didn't repaint the bathroom as we ended leaving the city for a couple of days. Hopefully next weekend I will have some time.

Happy Tuesday!


Diana Fisher said...

That looked like so much fun, I am way jealous!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh but you both are 16 at heart! Great pics for crappy seats!

Anonymous said...

Lynne said: Deanne, you did an excellent job capturing the concert in photos. I also have an excellent pic and article about Blink 182 from the Star Phoenix, if you'd like to use them for your scrapbooking memoirs. Terrific work!!! :) :) :)

Teri said...

Canadians at an American concert. I am an American who went to many, many Rush concerts here in San Diego. What fun!