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Urad Beans

Give someone a piece of paper, a pen, an elastic, and some paper clips PLUS imagination and what does that spell??

This amazing work of art:

What's that you say?? Oh no, I don't have any children. Just pets - and they couldn't pull this off :) I also don't have any nieces or nephews. Heck, I haven't had a child in my house for a good 3 years. Yes ladies, this is my husband's masterpiece (and no, I did not marry a 6 year old LOL).

I think someone was getting a bit jealous with all the attention I was getting for my cards. Oh, and no, this wasn't for me. It was for a co-worker of his *oye* The inside was decorated with electrical tape :)

With that said, see you all tomorrow and have a great Thursday ;)


Leah l'Orange said…
ha ha ha ha ha ha! HEEEEEEE hee hee hee hee hee!

my hubbin likes to try to give me a run for my money, too!

how CUTE! i'm sure his co-worker will either love it or wonder what he's been sniffin'. ;)

love that you shared his "art" with us, Dee! xo
Well, you could have let him borrow some of your stuff! :)

I love how you photographed it with the buttons in front to add that special touch!
Jingle said…
LOL! Well, doesn't it open the right direction? My husband helped me make cards once and two of them opened the wrong way! LOL! They looked fine, but it was amusing, nonetheless! LOL!
LOL!!! I LOVE it!!! It's perfect!

Thanks for the giggles this morning ;)

hugs, margie
Jen said…
I thought the electrical tape on the inside really added that little bit extra. Next time he should through in some duct tape. I think that would really put a nice finish on it. You could probably make the whole card out of duct tape.
WOW! This made my morning. I am giggling and smiling while writing this. He definetly gets an A+ for effort.

~amy~ said…
LOL...hey, at least he's being crafty...gotta give the dude that:) Maybe now he has a true appreciation for the time that you spend on your fabbie cards...

electrical tape...that cracked me up.
Sasya said…
Hey Deanne!! this is soo funny~!! ^^ i like it!


Deanne, I am still laughing...this is great! They do get a little jealous about are card making. My husband would help me design my cards. I wish he was still here to do that. Even though at times it was really annoying. Thanks for the great laugh. I will be thinking about this one all night.
Penny McKinlay said…
I was the recipient of this masterpice. And I was touched that he went to the effort. I also got 3 of Deanne's cards so it was good for a change! And it certainly gave everyone a good laugh. My thanks to both the artists!
Nancy told us we had to visit your site tonight even though we have limited access. Well DH your card is spectacular! Love those clips and designer rubber band and fashion tape! Keep it up! You should play along with our sketch at SSW! Hope to see you next week!

Arlana and Judi
Tara Bilbao said…
That is brilliant!!! A real work of art and I am sure a fantastic memory. I am glad you shared it with us.:)
Donna said…
LOL Deanne, this has really made me laugh! At least you know your craft stash is safe lol! :) Donna x
Lynda said…

Love Lynda xxx
Derek said…
Wow I got 14 comments for my masterpiece :-)
Maybe someone wants me on their design team - whatcha think ladies???
Lynne said…
Hi Derek and Deanne; I'm sitting at the computer and still laughing, after seeing Derek's creation, and reading all your follower's comments. That was a hoot!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE IT! Mostly love your post explaining it, but I LOVE it! How clever to use electrical tape! HA! You know, THIS is probably the best 'guy' card out there! We go through all this mess and fancy stuff, when this would make them laugh and totally be unexpected. Such a cute card. TFS