In with the 80s Wednesday

The View-Master

Everyone had one of these, am I right??

I remember having a hard time cleaning up after myself - I always had reels all over the place.

The Smurfs? In its own canister?? Where was I?
Circa 1982

A Talking View-Master??? Again, where was I??

Pooh-Bear enjoying his honey:

Made in 2004: the classics

In March 2009, the Fisher-Price division of toy maker Mattel announced that they had stopped production in December 2008 of the scenic disks depicting tourist attractions. These disks of picturesque scenes and landscape scenery were direct descendants of the original View-Master disks first sold in 1939.

But don't worry:
Fisher-Price announced they would continue to produce disks of animated characters.

Who knew they were still in production??? Keep in mind, I have no children... (just a child-like husband).


Derek K. said...

Viewfinders Ruled!!! I loved my spider man one :-)

Derek K. said...

Ok - so now I actually read the post (I usually just like to look at pictures)...I guess that proves your childlike point :-()

MichCherie said...

Your Wednesday posts are the best!! I love these trips down memory lane :D