I see the ribbon!

Unexpectedly, Derek gave me my Easter gift yesterday afternoon. To my surprise he bought me a wall ribbon holder. Today I moved some of the things on my wall to accommodate the new piece. And what is that I see? My Ponies have returned (well, some of them)!!!! Who says a grown woman can't collect children's toys?

Now I have an excuse to buy more ribbon to fill it up! Thank you Derek ;)

Deanne xoxo


Anonymous said...

NICE! Derek definitely knows what gift best suits you! Wait...did you say Easter gift? Easter??! I'll be lucky if I get a chocolate bunny!

*Monica* said...

Aww, what a sweet Easter gift! That is a really neat ribbon holder.

And OMG, I used to *love* My Little Ponies! I don't there is anything wrong with grown women collecting children's toys =)

MichCherie said...

Now this is a hubby who knows how to please his lady! I love them, look at all your ribbon and in your newly decorated craft room, it is the perfect addition :)

Oh and PS, we do have Krispy Kremes, but they are like in gas stations. Bizarre eh. We used to sell the donuts in Walmarts, but I don't think that happens anymore.