I am doing fine

Just in case you were all worried about me, I am fine LOL. I went for my first alcohol injection for Mortons neuroma this morning. I have done cortisone injections in the past that didn't react that well with my body, so I have high hopes for the alcohol. No it does not make me drunk (guess how many times I have heard that one!).

I have to go every Wednesday for 6 weeks to have these stupid, painful injections done by my surgeon, so wish me luck!! If this doesn't work then I have to have surgery, which sounds like it could be quite invasive and I would be off work for who knows how long. And there is always a possibility it may come back. But, I am staying positive.... now enough about me...

On a positive note: Derek has "aloud" me to start updating our oak in our home. White paint here I come!! It only took 1 1/2 years of persuasion on my part.

Deanne xoxo


Anonymous said...

what is it with guys and not painting wood anyways? lol

glad to hear you're doing okay..so is this your 6 weeks off then?

Derek K. said...

You should NEVER paint wood...IT is like a rule or something ... and it should never be done :-)

I am sad that I wont be seeing my nice oak trim anymore :-(