A color splash

Thursday and Friday night I hung out in my craft room and tried to make it more "inspiring".

May I present to you: my $5 craft room make-over. All things I used in the "after" part are just lots of scrapbooking things I had in containers or in my closet.

Before leaving little to your imagination.

After with a whole lotta stuff. I plan to cover my bulletin board with bright fabric which I will also use for the window. (Right now I covered the board in white paper and hung it by a pink bow).

And here is where I pulled out the big bucks, $5 worth of green, pink and blue plastic containers.

My storage. I wrapped containers in scrapbooking paper.

Framed scrapbooking paper - so simple and easy. I have done this a million times and always happy with the results.

My crafty handmade solution to "eyes" display. All you need are some screws, picture wire, and binder clips.

I covered the screws with silk flower embellishments and flower brads. I adhered them with sticky tack. I had thought about using glue, but scratched that idea - just in case I need to unscrew them to add more clips.

I am trying to get organized as in a couple of weeks I will have to stay off my feet for 6 weeks - so hopefully this project will inspire me to stay crafty.



MichCherie said...

This looks fantastic Deanne!! I love what you have done so creatively to the space. I think you will now be more inspired to go work there and create more beautiful things. Job well done;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Deanne! But...what happened to the My Little Ponies???!!! :)