Organize, organize, organize!

Now this is what I was born for: Organization

After doing a whole lotta research (Derek would be so proud!), I have come up with a handy guide of what and how to ORGANIZE.

I love organizing stuff. I took a couple of snapshots of the one room in our house that is organized and labeled: my craft room.

I always buy the storage boxes at Michaels when they are on sale 3 for $5 (they are regular $4.99 each). At the moment, I have about 13 boxes. Incidently, they are on sale right now - go grab some!!

My Rubbermaid rollies:

1st Rubbermaid:
Bought Cards

2nd Rubbermaid:
Seasonal (stickers)
Occassions (stickers)
Alphabet ~ Words (stickers)
Misc (stickers)
Supplies (cutting mat, scissors, etc)
Paper (12 x 12 paper)

3rd Rubbermaid:
Paper pads
Stamps (and ink)
Cardstock Pieces (all in baggies)
Flowers (material, silk flowers)

Now obviously, my craft room isn't the worlds greatest room - it needs some work and MORE organization!!!

Organizing Stickers and Embellishments:

Binders: A large binder filled with plastic page protectors makes it easy to flip through all of your stickers at a glance. If you have a number of smaller stickers, the pages commonly used to store baseball cards will be quite useful.

When deciding how to organize scrapbook stickers, you have a number of options. For example:

Theme: Scrapbookers who frequently complete pages with travel, baby, or holiday themes may find this method of organization most logical.

Style: If you don’t scrapbook thematic pages, you can try organizing your stickers into general style categories such as vintage, grunge, contemporary, or ethnic-inspired.

Color: If most of your stickers are general-purpose embellishments, sorting by dominant color is a simple yet highly effective organizational strategy.

Purpose: Separating your stickers into categories such as alphabets, titles, borders, tags, and general embellishments is a simple way to organize smaller supply collections.

Product Manufacturer: If you love Basic Grey, Chatterbox, KI Memories, or other coordinating product lines, sorting your supplies by manufacturer will make it easy to quickly pull together a finished layout.

I, myself, am going to organize my stickers in themes. I have my binders and plastic page protectors, all I need are baseball card organizers for the smaller pieces. Can't wait to get started!!!!!

Some themes ideas are:

ABC's (letter stickers), Animals, Baby, Disney

Garden/Floral, Halloween, Autumn, Hearts

Parties, School, Summer, Sports

Vacation, Winter, Christmas, Words, Holidays, Weddings

Plastic Storage Drawers: Drawers help protect your stickers from damage while accommodating very large collections (like the Rubbermaid rollies).

Boxes: If you’re looking for a storage system that is both functional and attractive, pick up a number of decorative boxes and label each box with the appropriate category (again, go to Michaels).

Bulletin Board: If you like to be able to see all of your stickers, place them in plastic storage bags and tack them to a large bulletin board. Now this, I have to try!!

I also found this:

"Clip it Up" System

Next lesson in organizing: Paper (this is my Achilles heel - I am terrible at organizing my 12 x 12 paper as well as all my little scraps)...
P.S. Please excuse any typing/spelling errors - my computer at the moment does not have spellcheck.


Derek K. said...

You are a CRAZY ASS Organizer....and Yes I am proud of you for researching!! Thats a good Pumpkin. PS - If you would start using FIREFOX rather then Sh*t As* IE then your computer would ALWAYS have spellcheck. Just a friendly tip from your neighborhood techno-dork!!!

Jen said...

Ahhh, he called you Pumpkin! That's soooo cute! You are a crazy organizer. PLEASE COME TO MY HOUSE!!!!!! I need serious help. I just throw all my stuff on the floor, then I can see it all and I know where it is. It's like "Hmmm, where's that yarn? Oh ya, on the floor!". Yup, I definitely need help.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo...did you have this little story all planned or did you just start researching when I asked??? WOWSERS!! I love organization too but it never seems to stay that way! I'm going to try the binder and plastic sleeves OR the plastic bags - cool! Can't wait for the paper lesson - my 12x12 paper organization is nonexistent! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh and on another note, a friend of mine has all of her spools of ribbon on a small curtain rod hanging in her craft room -- i like it!!

Char said...

Oh gawd. I NEED you to come help me out in our toy room.
You are my hero.

Deanne said...

Thanks guys!! It took me a long time, but I got *most* of it organized. I will post pics tonight :) -- now off to research paper storage!

Char said...

What area in Michaels would I find these boxes? How big are they? long enough to store Barbies?

Deanne said...

Char, they are usually at the front of the store in BIG bins, if not just ask where the craft boxes. They measure w 7.5" x h 4.25" x L 11". Hope that helps, I don't have any Barbies :D