Kitty litter furniture

I didn't know such a thing existed. Not only is kitty litter furniture beautiful but also functional. Anything that can organize kitty poop is "A-OK" in my books.

Having a nice place with a big ol' smelly litter box is definitely a challenge, but these below samples sure could help.

Great for an office, I don't know if I'd want this right beside a living room sofa though.

I would love to make my own litter box - these above are quite costly (ranging from $200 - $350).


Anonymous said...

Oh my...the first one is cool because it's in the bathroom...but I'm not too sure about the other ones!! Neat idea though!

MichCherie said...

Wow, that sure beats the standard plastic bin; especially if you live in a small place and cannot just put your litterbox in the basement.

Char said...

Ooh! Thats first one is such a great idea!!!!