In with the 80's Wednesday...

My new weekly In With the 80's "segment" on things that make me smile.

I loved (and still do) tv when I was a kid - it practically raised me. One of my favorite shows was My Little Pony 'n Friends from the mid-80's. I never actually had a My Little Pony but the show was so bright and magical *sigh - ponies*.

It got me thinking that I remember a super-duper show that came on after My Little Pony 'n Friends, I must have been around 9-ish.

It took we quite awhile to figure out just what that show was - something to do with Glow Worms. I was fortunate enough to have one Glow Friend:

Glo Butterfly carries a magic wand. She believes that she can do magic tricks, although she actually can't.

She was made out of plastic and you stuck her on your finger.

After going to Wikipedia.com I was able to come up with the following information about Glo Friends, the tv series!!!

Glo Friends was also a TV Show based on the Glo Friends´toy-line, originally aired in 1986 as a segment of My Little Pony 'n Friends, that only lasted one season (26 segments were made in total). The show was made by Marvel Productions and Sunbow Productions. It featured the Glo Friends as a community of small insects that live in a magical place located in the middle of the forest called Glo Land, where they build their homes and they stock the Moondrops in the Glo Pond, the substance that makes them able to glow in the dark and live.

The main villain in the TV series was Starnose, leader of the Moligans, a group of mole-like creatures that were fired of their homekingdom (called Moleslavia) by their King. Since that moment, the Moligans look for gold and fortune, living in underground tunnels. According to the Glo Friends released books (such as the Ladybird ones, see above), they are short-sighted, and because of that, they want to use the Glo Friends as slaves and lanterns to find the gold of their mines.

It was only on for one season!!?? I need to get my hands ON that :D


Jen said...

I remember watching both those shows! I have My Little Ponies and Glow Worms. Scary!

jenn said...

I don't remember the glow worm show but I was the biggest fan of ponies ever! My sister and I had over 80 of them!!!!!! That's all we ever played with! My mother still has them all!

Anonymous said...

Lynne said: We watched many a t.v show with our daughter Julia and son Derek, as they were growing up in the eighties, but unless memory fails me, I don't recall My Little Pony and Glo Worms. Togehter we used to watch Mr. Dressup, Sesame St., Wrestling, Three's Company, etc. But Julia had a large collection of My Little Ponies, some of which she kept, and Deanne has some of them displayed on a nice wall shelf in her home office. Thanks Deanne for the moment to reflect on our past. We had so many wonderful times.