A dreamer lives forever scrapping

Installment 3: I finished the front cover of our wedding album.

Our Wedding: June 10, 2006
A dreamer lives forever.

I have an idea how to scrap our invites -- that will be next. I hope I saved a completed invite somewhere - it has been almost 3 years :S


Anonymous said...

Friends and Fans of Deanne's Blog- Lynne said: I wish each and everyone of you could sit down with Deanne and view the incredible scrapbooking that Deanne has created over the years, including her breathtaking and awe inspiring wedding album. It is gorgeous beyond words, one of a kind in uniqueness, and priceless. Cherished memories of our son and daughter-in-laws beautiful wedding June 10/06. Pictures are a thousand words, and that's an understatement when it comes to Derek and Deanne's wedding, their home decor and all the scrapbooking and cards that Deanne has created. She is God's gift to crafts and designing, on a budget to boot!

Anonymous said...

Dear Deanne; No worries! If you need a complete invitation, Art and I have a couple for your wedding album. Also I like your selection of sports wallpaper for Derek's blog. Take care. Lynne