As per Derek's request...

Derek really wants me to put up some more outdoor pics of our house. He now uses my blog as his photo album.



Loving nature...

Hhmmmm - super macro. Didn't know it existed on our camera.

The adventures of ladybug...

Out in my pj's this morning following ladybugs around, I am sure our neighbors think I've gone nuts. I didn't adjust any of the colors, it's just such a beautiful bright day out.


Out in the open...

Picture of the Day:

Though I didn't take this picture today (it was taken in Wyoming a few months ago), I thought I did a "fine" job editing it. Therefore, it is my picture today.

The "zapper"...

Derek got a new toy for his birthday, the almighty "bug zapper". Why do men enjoy such things?

On with the next tree...

Our crab apple tree is now in bloom.

Trying to figure out 'Macro'


Chair bow...

Picture of the Day:

Well, I went out in my backyard tonight trying to be creative, and this is what I came up with. A patio chair bow. I have yet to really venture out of my yard yet, maybe this weekend...


Rock Painting...

Photo of the Day:

My co-worker painted this as a birthday gift for myself last year.

Color enhancement...

WOW!! What a difference it makes to do a bit of "tweaking"



Again, I have very limited "know how" on editing, but I am learning, day by day!

Kanye West...

Glow in the Dark Tour (May 27th):
What a night, definitely worth the money. Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Kanye. We had 8th row floor. Five hours of entertainment. Kanye had an excellent stage show - what a performer. Too bad I didn't bring my camera but I was worried security would take it (I am such a risk taker). Derek got some pics on his phone but the stage lighting fudged up the pics. Anyway, needless to say, I am pooped today. This old gal ain't as young as she used to be.
AND... Derek was soooooooooo excited - he got a high five from Pharrell. Derek almost knocked me out of the way for that "meeting".


The skating shack...

Awwhhhhh - this is where we had our wedding pictures done. We used to go for walks here when we were dating and in the winter we would skate on the pond.

I am very pleased with my fancy editing.


Today's apple blossoms...

Our neighbor tells us that this tree grows the most delicious largest apples he has seen,
I guess we will have to wait and see.

More apple blossoms...

I will be very sad to see them go, I am out taking pictures of our apple tree at least once a day.

Baby, what a nerd...

This is what happens when you leave a grocery bag on the floor for even just a second. Baby loves to play with them - but in this case, Baby got very stuck. In one handle she managed to get her head and one front paw into. And in the other handle is her two back paws and tail. I had to get the camera, but don't worry, after I took a few pictures and I got her out of her own mess.


Backyard bench...

Using my very limited editing knowledge...


I had to go out tonight to take these - they are blooming so quickly.

Minty leaves...

My fantastic mint plants - they are getting so big!

Garfield #1...

I suppose this is the "nice" Garfield getting his big bottom back home,
the garbage truck came this morning and scared him
into his own yard -
what a little brat.

Thanks Jenn!

YES!! My first comment from someone other than my husband!! See how appreciative I am of comments!! :D

Garfield, our neighbor's cat...

Ok, so I think I have figured it out. Our neighbor's cat (whom I have named Garfield) has been known to hang out in our front and back yard. It really doens't bother me but Max, Baby and Peeps aren't very appreciative of their new neighbor. Plus I think he poops in our bushes and flower garden - not good. I am the "poop nazi". Even Peeps has a special spot to "go".

So, on with my story... 2 days ago we come home from work and Garfield (or so I think it is) is sitting under one of our front shrubs. I try to scare him away, he doesn't blink an eye and rubs up against me purring. Hmmm.... this isn't working, so I put Peeps on his leash and bring him out. That doesn't work either, infact it make Garfield even more mad. HUH? What happened to the skittsh Garfield I *somewhat* know? Garfield swipes at Peeps (first time Peeps has been "put" in his place) and bites Derek.

So this damn cat is now really holding us hostage in our own yard. We can't get rid of him and we try, he completely freaks out.

By the time I figured out how to get him out of our yard (turn on our sprinklers), the cat is gone (damn, I wanted to try the damn sprinkles on that evil cat).

So, on with my story... this morning I saw Garfield again, run across to his home. Dang it!!! That's not the cat that went psycho on us!! There are TWO "Garfields" in our neighborhood. Sheesh, what happened to our city bylaw?


In the backyard...

My pretty boy who lives under the birch

Feeding the birds - though there really isn't any food in it - the
birds go to crazy when it's filled.

A bloom on one of our many shrubs! Love blooms!

The backyard...

My favorite part of our house - the backyard.
We just put up our wedding arch (between the 2 shrubs).
I am looking for a clematis type vine that
likes shade. I am hoping
someday it will completely covered in leaves and flowers.

Spring is upon us!!! All the leaves are in bloom!

The bestest part of the backyard - our deck!!!
She's a real beauty!!!
Hopefully Derek has gotten all my hints that
I want a deck pond for my birthday
(keeps fingers crossed!)

I just can't wait for full-on summer when the leaves are completely finished growing and my plant pots are growing so, so big!! Until then I will wait for the 3 trees shown above to blossom - should be right away!

Maxwell House...

You know the song "I kind of feel like somebodies watching me..."
Max doesn't like it when the blinds are closed, he just
shoves his face into the blinds until they pop open.


Up to date...

That's it!! I do believe I am now up to date!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally.

The plants are out...

As of May 15th the plants have to fend for themselves, makes for tougher flowers.

Lots of great flowers: Lobelia, strawberries with pink flowers, salmon geraniums, spikes, and yellow marigolds. The 2 white containers are for the front cement planters.

Butterfly happy in the Pansies - the real ones aren't out yet

Cold Petunia

Lambs Ear - soft and fuzzy

All the beautiful Pansies (yellows, oranges, purples, whites, and reds)

Mint - smells fantastic!!

Some of the same flowers as above, with my birdbath

Now grow, grow, grow!!!!!

Gimme Summer...

The pots are ready...

Before and After Pt 4

this is where they say "the magic happens"

Before: West wall


Before: East wall

Before: I love pink and everything, but...

During: My fancy wall treatment

After: East wall


Vase with grass $5