'Tis the season...

It is official, less than two months until Christmas!!! I have been busy like an elf, making cards for all the good boys and girls :D Now I just need a day off from my weekend card making frenzy (I "whipped up" about 40 cards and 40 the weekend prior too) - I am officially pooped!! Only about 15 more to go!

I feel the Christmas spirit - everytime I made a card that had "Let it Snow" or a "Holly Jolly Christmas" embellishment would (and still does) put me in song.


Trick or treats...

One fun thing about Halloween in the candy. Derek is a sugar fiend and I have to hide a lot of the goodies. But these lollipops seem to have survived.

This ghostly bowl makes me smile every time I look at. This is also my entry for this weeks photo contest: Twisted.

Why does this gum last for 10 glorious sugary seconds and then turn to ick?


Sir Peeps a Lot...

Our little brat posing for Halloween by my witches hat:


Playing in the dark...

Last night after putting up some Halloween decorations, I decided to dust off the camera and take a few pics. I love Halloween for really one reason only: the day after is full ON CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!! And if you know me at all, I am obsessed with Christmas (I started buying decorations already at the beginning of September).

My pumpkin candles on the mantel:

Spooky globe - instead of the usual snow that you shake, this one has dark hair that floats around the skull - pretty gross actually:

Sugar and Spice: Not so Nice Manor:
Next mission: take some in the daytime.


She sells seashells...

I have busy, busy, busy. Unfortunately that hasn't included taking photos. So, just in case everyone thinks I have dropped off the face of the earth I took some pics this evening (in between CSI and Two and a Half Men) :D

It has been miserable outside so I searched for some sort of interesting find. Thought these seashells in hurricane vases would do the trick!