At the weir...

Mr Pelican.


Spooky children...

So just the other evening Derek and myself took our weekly walk down by the lake. We hadn't realized that it had gotten quite dark. I remember zipping up my coat from being very cold. And to be honest I felt like we were being watched, but I shook it off as I usually have an overactive imagination.

We couldn't tell if it were going to rain so we "high-tailed" it out of there. In our haste of being in such a hurray, we took a wrong turn and found ourselves lost. I was getting pretty scared at this point, especially when I couldn't get the thought of someone watching us out of my head. So ofcourse, I had to go ahead, trip on a tree root, and fall down. In doing so, I was certain I had sprained my ankle.

I took this picture right before I landed in the brush.

So we continued to walk (with Derek's help), still not knowing exactly where we were. We could hear water to our right, therefore, we assumed it was the lake.

I am not too sure what I had heard next, it sounded like.... maybe children laughing?? I watch a lot of horror movies and I know the sounds of spooky children laughing and singing - la la la, you know the sound. But again, I shrugged it off, Derek thought I was "nutso" (his words exactly) and off we went.

Another picture of the path, you can see a creepy moon glow at this point. All I could think of was "get ME out of HERE!"

Ok, now where was I. Oh yes, that damn laughing. By this point I really felt like I was in a horror movie and that these children were going to come out of the dark bushes and attack me and Derek and eat us! I swear they were going to reach out to us with their black finger nails and grey faces and giggle and then MUNCH TIME!!

Told you, overactive imagination...

We had found a clearing in our path - yay!! We were so relieved. We had finally found our way back to our usual walking spot. My ankle was now the size of a balloon but I didn't care. I just wanted to get home and forget our frightening walk.

And again, a picture of our path.... me and Derek are on the bottom, but who is that is the bushes to the left? See!?!?!? DO you see what I see??????!!!?

Obviously, I made up this whole dang story, every inch of it. I told you "I ain't no writer" ;)


Brick by brick...

My contest entry for this week's theme "Look Up". This building is right around the corner from where Derek works at Innovation Place. I just thought it was a cheery and bright picture (as cheery and bright as a brick building can be) :D

Here comes the rain again...

Saturday Saskatoon was hit by quite a hard rain storm. We were just outside the city watching the clouds roll in.



Leeann's fantastic bag.


Look what I can do...

After a couple months of Photoshop CS3, I have finally figured out how to incorporate 2 photos together. This was my second attempt at this photo. Fun hey? For the record I did not take the top photo (obviously) and the bottom is not me or Derek LOL.



While I was out today trying to fix my poor, poor pansies (I don't know what happened to them), I noticed the sky was dark and the clouds were soooooo fluffy and white.

Orange creamsicle (photo shopped ofcourse),


My camera hog...

Maxxy and myself hung out this evening - he loves the camera and any kind of attention. Maxxy is the most sweetest and gentlest kitty I have ever known. He is just a big ham.

Our fat Maxxy.


Cirque du soleil...

Today I told Derek I am running out of things to photograph. I found our Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco tickets laying on my desk and thought... this will do. I am also in the process of learning Photoshop. I seem to be a very slow learner because it has taken me months to come this far. The first thing I wanted to learn was to layer photographs. So here are my Photoshopped tickets...

BTW: The show was uber fantastic!!!



It has been kind of miserable around here for awhile. We went down to the tracks a few nights ago and I managed to squeeze this nice picture out of the rain and clouds.

This is my contest entry for "Skies".


Sleeping beauty...

One of my boys, Maxxy, having a little snooze tonight.


Waskesiu Lake Pt 5 - The lake...

Friday night we took a very cold dip into the lake. I was able to catch a late sunset before freezing my ass off. Ofcourse I kept this week's photo contest in mind: "Skies".

Waskesiu Lake Pt 4 - Bambi!!!!

We were so fortunate to find a white-tailed deer mother and her two little fawns at the gate of Beaver Glen.

Bambi #1 being very shy.

Coming from the bush to see mommy.

Having a little snack.

Here comes Bambi #2!

The only photo I was able to take of both the little ones together with their mom.

And just as quickly as they came out of the bush, they went back in.

Tell me they aren't cute!

Waskesiu Lake Pt 3 - Oh Deer!

One good thing about rain is I was able to get some great shots of some white-tailed deer. If it weren't for the rain, we would have been at the beach missing all the wildlife!

This little guy (I am guessing a about a year old?) was out and about. He obviously didn't mind the rain.

Either he felt like a leg snack or the black flies were bothering him too!

Then we found this young lady enjoying a meal.


I love this photo!! She had her eyes on Derek when he got out of the car. She kind of reminds me of part llama in this photo - I think I have captured her "personality" very well.

Waskesiu Lake Pt 2 - Wildlife...

Because it was raining buckets, we decided to do a car tour of the park.

The camera and myself got completely soaked through the car window taking these - the wind blowing the rain right into my face sure didn't help matters!

We found a hand full of mallards enjoying the rain.

The rain stopped for about an hour so I was able to get a couple of butterflies around our campsite.

This guy was sneaky - it took me the full hour to find him still enough to take his picture.

AND... this bumble bee cracks me up! If you make this photo full size you can see that he is smiling at me with his hands up!!! Tell me he doesn't make you smile!!??

If I were paying attention I would have noticed that I wasn't in focus. Darn it!! But instead of deleting the photo I photoshopped it a bit.

And ofcourse what camping trip isn't complete without a visit from the park squirrel!

Waskesiu Lake Pt 1 - Vegetation...

Derek and myself along with our close friends went up to Beaver Glen [located right beside Waskesiu Lake in Prince Albert National Park (3 hours north of Saskatoon)].

We arrived to do some camping Friday evening. Unfortunately it started to rain around 2am and never really stopped until we decided to cut our camping trip short - we left Saturday early evening.

The mosquitoes and black flies were out with a vengeance. We have many war wounds from the little beasts - how come bites get worse with time??

Moss growing on the pine tree.

Rain, rain, rain...

And more rain.

The forest floor full of lichen, moss, and greenery.

A wild rose.