Saturday wings...

While enjoying an ice tea on our deck I was fortunate enough to see our first yard butterfly visitor. I followed him around while our company thought I was crazy.


A smile, no wait, a simile...

This weeks photo contest is "Simile". At first I was lost and actually had to Google simile (sad but true). Eventually I decided, wow, one could do so much with a simile theme - and off I went looking for photos.
My entry this week is CeeCee the Monkey (whom I fondly named)
As agile as a monkey...

As tall as a giraffe...

As delicate as a rose...

As swollen as a frog in the autumn...

As free as a bird...


Pink berries...

My pink strawberry plants are blooming!! They are so pretty!


Birthday wishes...

Well, another birthday has come and gone. I thought I would share a few of my beautiful gifts. I was really spoiled this year by friends and family. Thanks for all the good wishes!

I was really lucky Derek remembered that I love B&B Works. The "strawberry patch" room spray smells like you dipped your sniffer into a bowl of fresh strawberries - yummers!

All 18 3 fluid oz bottles. Derek took them all on the plane as his luggage left without him, but that is another story.

And Derek also bought me Warm Vanilla Suger perfume from B&BWorks as well.

I received a fabulous bouquet from a co-worker.

Derek bought me a outdoor fountain - I lub it!!!

A Guess wallet from Derek - it is soooooo purty!

And Derek took this photo of me enjoying the 5 cent Canadian Tire money left in a bag (Derek has a creative way of wrapping things).

So now "they" tell me I am another year older and wiser. I haven't felt any difference yet, but maybe when I go back to work tomorrow I will blow everyone away with my knowlege.



Nothing too, too exciting today but I wanted to add a picture for the day. This is just a vase on my desk with (... can't put a word to it - twigs? straw? none of those work)... Help me out here LOL. Anyway, it reminds me of the game Pick Up Sticks from when I was a kid.


Velvet Tuberose...

One of my favorite perfumes (Bath & Body Works Velvet Tuberose) arrived on my doorstep!!! I had gotten a sample when I was in Vegas for Christmas last year but I didn't smell it until I had gotten home. Well I instantly loved it but unfortunately Bath & Body Works does not ship to Canada. I found a brand new bottle on Ebay and won it for cheap, cheap, cheap. It smells delish!

Elegant. Rare. Glamorous. (or so the bottle tells me)



It's finally sunny out - a balmy 28 degrees. Our first real day of summer - why not bring out the watermelon. And yummers, it was (and still is) really good!! I have more than enough to share - would you like some???
This weeks contest entry: Summertime, Sunshine.


Yippee for purses...

Alright, so I was at a purse party tonight and my lovely friend bought me a purse for my birthday, but I also had my eye on another purse. I was torn... so I just got them both (good choice right??)
My Juicy Couture bag (for the 'cute' days)

My Christian Dior bag (for the 'mature' days)

And the "girls" together, we are all best friends now :)


BL strikes again...

BL (the Bag Lady) got stuck again in a plastic bag. I have come to the conclusion that I shop a lot and that is why I always get these bag photos. Funny thing with this photo is that there are still items in the bag and it is quite heavy.

So then she tries to move and the bag isn't letting her go - it was quite funny to watch (but just for enough time to take a snap shot). AND, for anyone that is wondering - I would never leave a bag on the floor without supervision.

And not to be outdone by his sister, Maxxy found a very small box for his very big behind.

Can you tell we went shopping at Canadian Tire?? I had to buy paint for my big office project. I am finally finished, it took me two very full days to complete everything. And yes, I am very, very sore - who knew we had nine foot ceilings in our office - owch!


2 years today...

That's right!! Derek and myself have survived 2 years of marriage. I thought I would share a photo in lieu of that special day.


Our walk...

We decided to go to Derek's work (at Innovation Place) for our walk tonight. It turned into such a nice evening considering it threatened to rain all day.

A robin playing in the stream.

The gazebo where we had our wedding photos done - we had to be sheltered as it poured on our wedding day.


We had gotten brave on our wedding day and ventured from under cover to take some pictures on this bench. When we first started dating I wanted our wedding pictures to be here.

Some random flowers:

Poppies (I think)

Any ideas of what these are??

A fuzzy dandelion too


The catch-all...

Well it's not spectacular but it will do for now. This room (our 3rd bedroom) has been a catch all room since we moved in December. Today I finally got tired of the mess and made it my Craft Room.

I love watching (or listening) to movies when I work.

My Grandma's painting for inspiration.

This week I am off work so I intend to paint and re-decorate our office. It's one of the last major rooms that needs to be done - can't wait for it to be finished!!!

The "bag lady"...

Miss Baby enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon. Who wouldn't want to cuddle up in a plastic shopping bag??

And may I add, no, I do not usually have plastic bags lying around. But if I do, Baby will find it.

The itsy bitsy spider...

Check out this Friday fatty, he must of been the size of a quarter!!


The stalker...

We had a chicken hawk in our yard the other night - mean lil thing. It screamed at us for a few minutes then got bored and chased a crow twice its size.

I'm happy I was able to save this picture with some editing. My pictures were against the sun, so this is as good as it gets.

EDT: Hmmmmm... this looked way better on my home computer, the photo looks really dark here at work. Oh well...


The Graffiti's Presence...

My photo for the contest this week: The bridge (the past) and the graffiti (the present).

Derek's suggestion for this week's contest was to take a moldy piece of bread and a new piece of bread, put them together and take a picture *sigh* I don't know if anyone would want to see such a thing.