Seven hours later...

...and I got me some white windows. Sanding. Priming. Painting. So much work, but so worth it in my opinion! Again, I love my white paint!!

I am almost done the living room. All that is left is the floor trim and the door trim!!! Easy peasy!

So it wouldn't be my blog without before and afters.

Before: not-so- nice green paint, rosy pink blinds, and oak trim. Someone paid a lot of money for that oak and custom blind package. Sorry to that person for totally destroying it.

Lotsa white :) Isn't it pretty?!

Next on the docket: main floor bathroom; new wall paint and white trim. I plan to tackle that this long weekend.

Happy Monday!!!!


Jen said...

Looks good! I see the whole foot thing hasn't slowed you down one bit :o)

Derek K. said...

As much as I CRINGE when I hear of painting our cherished oak, I would have to say it looks good!! :-)

MichCherie said...

Its amazing what a white coat of paint can do; love the way it turned out and your colour choice for the wall :)

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!!