Marvin the Muskrat

When we went to the lake on the weekend I went down to the dock early Sunday morning hoping to find some loons etc. Instead I found this little gem. I always have felt sorry for muskrats as they have such a sad name. Who wants to be called a stinky rat??

He reminds me of a beaver, except for the tail. A muskrat has a long skinny tail that floats straight in the water, almost like a rudder.

Mr. Marvin the Muskrat:

He was a cutie, and very cautious of me. I am surprised he got so close. It took him a good 10 minutes to come my way.

Having a leisurely Sunday morning swim:

Happy Friday! My 2nd favorite day of the week!! Have a good weekend!


MichCherie said...

Omg hes such a cutie!!

andrew said...

I love muskrats. Great photos -
they can be skittish.