From drab to fab *snap*

Well last week, I got the itch to paint. I figured if I can get to it on my knees and also paint on my knees then I am not doing too much damage to myself. Plus the couch for resting was a hop away.

I painted my vanity table turned TV table a nice bright glossy white. Of course, that seems to be the theme of our house. I love painting things white!

Here is the vanity/TV oak table before:

It took me all day, as I needed a lot of rest in between, but I couldn't be happier with the results.

After, with nice coat of white paint. All that is left with this room is our dark wood flooring (which is being installed as I speak - yippee), white baseboards and airflow grate:

Creepy doll dude:

I spray painted the brass handle black. I love the contrast of the white and black.

It still amazes me what a coat of paint can do!!!

Happy Tuesday! Hope the weather is better where you are at!


Derek K. said...

Awesome new blog design!!!

jenn said...

Looks fantastic D!!!! When you're all better you can pop on over here to help me.....tee hee...

Jen said...

The table looks great! And so does the new blog look!