This is what makes me cry

SNOW! I am done with snow. What a depressing way to wake up, and I was going to where sandals today *waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

It feels like -5 C (23 F). Maybe I should just go back to bed.

Happy Friday!
Deanne xoxo


Blessed Ladybug said...

wow i'm confued ... SNOW .. i;m so sorry but truly it's on of GOD great creation.. be blessed.. when life Give you lemons .. well now make snowballs... have a great day

S.E. said...

I think I would also cry - it is 20 degrees right now, but the forcast had some snow flakes for Tuesday!

Toby said...

Oh wow....I totally would be tired of the snow! Come visit us in Missouri...where it was stormy this morning, but nice and sunny and warm this afternoon! BTW...Those cards are beautiful!

jenn said...

Blech....it's raining buckets here but at least it's not frozen :(