When bad paint happens to good people

Sheesh, I am not having a good run here. Usually things work out pretty good for me, but not lately. I started to repaint the kitchen, unfortunately the color I picked (which actually looks super in our basement) look like crap on the main floor walls. And actually, I will not call this color a color, as it looks like nothing.

There is no such color as this color:

(don't mind the painted chair rail - bad idea - it will be taken off the next time around)

Sooooo, Derek and myself have come up with minty green and chocolate for the walls. With the accent accessories in teal, purple, and taupe. How is that for color?? I will keep you posted on this project - not sure when I will be completely done, as savings for Vegas comes before buying paint.


Anonymous said...

well that sucks! I don't think it looks that terribly bad, but I know what you mean when a color doesn't turn out how you want it to! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with with the green, brown, teal and blue!! Sandi

ps - is that shelf in the photo the one you painted??

Char said...

I think it will be fine if the chair rail was white. What color is it?

Deanne said...

Sandi - yes it is the disaster shelf (don't worry - I fixed it) :D

Char - Underneath the paint?? It's oak. The color of the paint?? Urban "stinky" Putty :D