Sigh, I can do no more...

I think I am finished... These shelves will be the death of me. Since I don't have the option of painting them, I was told to maybe put up wall paper and paint that. On the weekend I found a cheep role of wallpaper, I tacked it up (behind the shelves) and imagined them white or beige. I poo-pooed the idea right away.

So as of this past weekend, I am finished "decorating" the living room shelves. Who would build a million shelves in one room anyway?? Then one has to either decide: clutter it up or make it look like you only own one book. So I have done a little of both (but more on the clutter side).

Mantel: Minus the Christmas wreath hook I have yet to take down :)

My only plan is to paint the 3 vases teal. And the bottom left hand corner is really not that dark - I have a very dark digital frame sitting there that is not on.

And the right side - done.

Next project: reface the new display unit in my kitchen - I am not fond of the dark wood. Wish me luck!


Derek said...

Looks Damn Awesome I say!!! Good work hun, now NO painting the oak, right :-)

Jen said...

Looks awesome! I give it 3 months and you'll change it again :o) Ha ha ha! But really, it looks great. You always do an amazing job.