Kitchen time

So this long weekend I have a lot on my list of things to do. Derek tells me that I can only paint for 4 hours a day maximum as I have a tendency to overdo things and then I really hurt my neck. I will start repainting the kitchen on Saturday (a warm taupe color). I started painting some vases last night a nice teal/aqua color and the kitchen display shelf needs a few coats of white paint. I think it will all come together nicely!
Main kitchen color - going on the walls and eventually the countertops and backsplash:
Accent color:

Secondary accent color:

Now I just need to find some eggplant/purple accessories :D


jenn b said...

Wow! I can't wait to see what it all looks like! Do you ever stop?!?!?! :)

Derek said...

No she doesnt...let me tell ya :-)