Dining room flooring...

...are almost installed!! Thanks to my father-in-law, not sure what we would do without him!

Don't let my bright green walls scare you, they really aren't that bright in person.

Dining Room
Our little helper Peeps:

It looked better already!

Derek's mom wrote a note to the next person that removes the flooring:

Flooring being laid. I even helped a little!

Finished, now all we have to do put up the base boards:

The stair took forever, as it wasn't even and needed a lot of work:

And now you are up-to-date. Today we moved the furniture from the living room so tomorrow the carpet can be ripped out. It is coming along nicely!

Happy Wednesday!


Jenn M said...

wow! it looks great deanne!! I love the dark color with the green walls! :)

Jen said...

That looks awesome! Poor Peeps will be spinning out all over the place.

Derek K. said...

Sweet A$$ Floor!! I now see your vision sweets :-) LOL

~~jenn~~ said...

Looks really great!!!