Will it end??

*Yuck* It is another ugly day out there. Today it feels like -9C (15.8 F). There is snow on the ground and there is an ugly wind.

I braved the wind and snow to grab a dreary photo this morning. But, for fun, let's compare to a year ago today.

May 15, 2008 Please note the flowers, the sun, and the green leaves everywhere:

May13, 2009 Please note the snow, no sun, no flowers or green leaves, and the torn patio mat from the wind:

Please Spring, come out soon - I would love to plant some flowers and the garden!!

Happy Wednesday! Hope it is warmer in your part of the world!

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MichCherie said...

Sending plenty of warm/spring vibes over there for ya! We have greenery in Toronto, so I might as well share some :)