Am I flippin' crazy??

The answer is YES!! I knew what I signed up for but as Day #2 of painting is over - I am POOPED! It took about 5 hours to do one window trim. Good news?? Only seven more windows to go on the main floor. Bad news?? That does not include the door trim and base boards.

Dining room, one coat:

Two coats:

Third and final coat (hard to tell, but it looks really nice):

The best part of painting today? All the birds in our back yard, I got a great birds eye view (get it!?)

My FIL (father-in-law) came over today. He was mortified that I would want to paint over real oak. Though he did say it looked better, he just could not understand why I would want to "junk up" good wood. Oh well, you can't please everyone.

Happy Sunday (and Mother's Day)!


jenn said...

It looks AMAZING! It's just too bad it requires so much work!
Also, love the birdies :)

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! And I don't see tape on the windows - are you able to paint without?? Oh my, I would have paint all over the glass! ~Sandi