Let's not forget paper!

I have been meaning to make some time for scrap booking during the winter, but before I know it, it will be time to plant flowers and mow the lawn. I have been working on our wedding album for almost 3 years now :S


Anyway, back on track: I took a couple of quick pics (in very bad lighting) of a birthday card I made for a "special client". *cough* I am trying to sound oh-so-important here.


My new addiction: Vases

Love ceramic vases - they come in so many shapes and colors now. Over the past couple of weeks I have been painting vases when I had a minute or two. It's amazing what a little bit of craft paint can do (and some left over clear finish acrylic spray paint). I have been searching for good deals on vases (big surprise, right?) and I have come across some super prices! Each one is $2 and under, for heavy ceramic vases!!

All for the kitchen:


I'm sorry - what??

I love my lip gloss, but am I the only one that finds the phrasing odd?

Made in US with foreign parts


Spring tulips

Last night Derek went to play squash, and I was left home alone for a couple of hours. Best time to pull out some canvas and paint! I haven't done something like this in about 15 years - paint on canvas that is. Sure, I have done lines and squares, but this I actually free handed.
We needed something above the loveseat in the office and this will do just fine. I am no Picasso by far, but I think I did OK.

It took a couple of hours to do: pencil on your silhouette, use some black craft paint, glue some ribbon on the tops and there you have it. A whole $6 project LOL

My spring tulips:


When bad paint happens to good people

Sheesh, I am not having a good run here. Usually things work out pretty good for me, but not lately. I started to repaint the kitchen, unfortunately the color I picked (which actually looks super in our basement) look like crap on the main floor walls. And actually, I will not call this color a color, as it looks like nothing.

There is no such color as this color:

(don't mind the painted chair rail - bad idea - it will be taken off the next time around)

Sooooo, Derek and myself have come up with minty green and chocolate for the walls. With the accent accessories in teal, purple, and taupe. How is that for color?? I will keep you posted on this project - not sure when I will be completely done, as savings for Vegas comes before buying paint.


My Disaster DIY

Hmmmm... two coats of primer and this is what it looks like - not good, not good at all. I am trying to give this display shelf a new life of white goodness. It just maybe needs some more coaxing.

So, for all of you who want me to come and pretty up your homes, do you want to take that back???


Kitchen time

So this long weekend I have a lot on my list of things to do. Derek tells me that I can only paint for 4 hours a day maximum as I have a tendency to overdo things and then I really hurt my neck. I will start repainting the kitchen on Saturday (a warm taupe color). I started painting some vases last night a nice teal/aqua color and the kitchen display shelf needs a few coats of white paint. I think it will all come together nicely!
Main kitchen color - going on the walls and eventually the countertops and backsplash:
Accent color:

Secondary accent color:

Now I just need to find some eggplant/purple accessories :D


In with the pink

In lieu of Valentines Day...

Possibly the most cutest house in the world (Minnie Mouse's home in DisneyWorld)


Lights: Who knew it was difficult?

Well Derek informs me that it is not practical to put up two pendant lights. So I start from the beginning again. All the below are contenders. So pretty! And all are under $129 from Home Depot.

Which one is your favorite??



While we went shopping for simple office lighting, I found some pendant lighting for our kitchen. Not sure if we will be going with pendant or some type of track lighting above the sink. If we do the pendant lighting we will put up two side by side.

Here are some of my favorites (and the prices are right too!).

And I found this "glamorous" chandelier for our dining room - soooo pretty!
Maybe too fancy pants for our dining room??
The pictures do NOT do this little number justice.

Hopefully we can do some kitchen lighting soon (like what about May-ish Derek) ;)


Sigh, I can do no more...

I think I am finished... These shelves will be the death of me. Since I don't have the option of painting them, I was told to maybe put up wall paper and paint that. On the weekend I found a cheep role of wallpaper, I tacked it up (behind the shelves) and imagined them white or beige. I poo-pooed the idea right away.

So as of this past weekend, I am finished "decorating" the living room shelves. Who would build a million shelves in one room anyway?? Then one has to either decide: clutter it up or make it look like you only own one book. So I have done a little of both (but more on the clutter side).

Mantel: Minus the Christmas wreath hook I have yet to take down :)

My only plan is to paint the 3 vases teal. And the bottom left hand corner is really not that dark - I have a very dark digital frame sitting there that is not on.

And the right side - done.

Next project: reface the new display unit in my kitchen - I am not fond of the dark wood. Wish me luck!