Slipper chairs are here!

Derek and myself have compiled a "reno" list of things to do in 2009.

Step 1. Replace front living room furniture.
Step 2. Repaint dining room and kitchen. I had painted not even a year ago dark khaki green, and for both me and Derek and just isn't working. I think there is too much of a yellow base and Derek thinks it looks like snot *sigh*.
Step 3. Replace the outdated carpet in living and dining rooms with wood flooring.
Step 4. Replace the old kitchen counter tops, tile back splash and new lighting.

We were able to complete half of Step 1, which is truly exciting for us.

This living room before, though beautifully painted by yours truly, lacked any sort of style. I had replaced all the dusty rose blinds with just simple white blinds. The price was right - I think each blind were $1.25 (big sale at Wal-mart). But it still had the living room blahs.

Here come the slipper chairs! They were half price, only $88 each! Everything else in the photo below is from other rooms in the house. I had purchased the sky blue curtains a few months ago to warm up the space (and for $3 a panel it was a steal of a deal)!

Now in a few months we will hopefully have enough money saved to replace the loveseat.

I am so HAPPY! Things are starting to pull together nicely.


jenn b said...

Wow!! It looks totally different (and great)!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again....you are my HERO!!!!

Jen said...

The new chairs look great!