She sells seashells...

I completed my first craft project of 2009 last weekend. I happened to be at Michaels (shocking really) and came upon some new beach themed frames. A 4 x 6 shadow box was $24, personally I found that a bit too pricey and set out to make my own. I was able to find almost everything at Michaels. The 11 x 14 shadow box was $15 (on sale) and I used my 40% off coupon on a 4 x 6 photo mat ($5). I knew I had a huge bag of unused shells and that I had taken a photo of a seashell at the beach this past summer (free and free). While I was out at the mall I found a silver metal starfish for $4. And there you have it -- a really big fancy schmancy shadow box, hand made for $24.

I have such a hard time finding beach theme goodies. And the things I do find cost a fortune. If anyone out there sees or knows of a good place to buy this stuff PLEASE be kind to a girl (that is me) and let me know (thank you).


Tina Stride said...

Great job, those are really pretty!!!

jenn b said...

You did a great job!
I don't have any advice to offer though....sorry!