Flowers just for me!

I had been quite "under the weather" since Thursday. But I am almost feeling 100% today (though foot surgery will probably be my likely future - *grumble, grumble*). Friday I had to leave work because I was in so much pain, I came home and went to bed. I never miss work so I was feeling even crappier. I couldn't make supper either, as I had gotten an injection into my wrist as well and for some reason, it hurt like hell!! Seriously, I have had more than my fair share of betamethasone injections, but OUCH, these ones really put me out!!! My lovely Derek came home with supper and a dozen beautiful roses. Definitely made my day!! The flowers are still going strong today.

I didn't take the best photos today, lets blame it on my wrist ;)

The sky is on fire!

I woke up this morning at 6:15 to let Peeps out and it was quite a site! To my East: pure orange, to my West: blue skies. So I ran out in the rain and my pjs to capture it the best I could. I did not Photoshop/enhance the colors.


My garden...

Since I don't get out very much, I decided to go around the yard. It's hard to believe they won't be around for much longer as Fall is just around the corner.

Dusty Miller:

Day Lillies:

Potatoe Buds:

Salmon Geranium:


Prairie beauty...

My lovely Saskatchewan surroundings:


Some are shoe girls...

I am a purse girl.
Do I need to buy another bag? No, of course not.
Did I buy a new bag? Yes, of course I did.

We went to Folkfest yesterday. At the Caribbean Pavilion I found this sweet little Rocawear bag for $15!!! It is so cute (and sparkly).


Eating grass...

I used to ride by this farm everyday on the school bus. It has been14 years since I have been out of school (gulp). I got Derek to stop so I could grab a couple of photos. I was pleasantly surprised to see a colt hiding behind his mom.

Shy bird:


Gramma's flowers...

Some of Gramma's farm flowers.

Four O'clocks:


(My favorite color combination)


Road washout...

I am still on holidays and loving it. We usually go on a "vacation" but this time we are hanging out at home and went to the farm on the weekend. It has been great. I have been able just to relax.

On our way home from the farm we always drive by this road just outside of Melfort (SK). Every time we have good intentions of stopping so I can get a couple of snap shots. Finally we stopped and I am so happy we did! The sky was so blue and it reflected off the washout so nicely. Hard to believe that just a few years ago this was someones field and roadway to their farm. Now it is home to the ducks.

The road that leads to no where...



We just got back from the farm today. While there, I found a few Woollybears (moth caterpillars), one of very few insects I like. I used to collect them in a margarine container with leaves in it when I was young.



Some of the birds at the zoo:

They also have a few rescue birds - this guy had a bad wing.

Mr. Bald Eagle:

And Mrs. Bald Eagle:

I like this guy, he was giving me the cold shoulder.

Another rescue bird - he is missing his eye, but still handsome :)


The white tiger babies!

Jasmine and Jafar, white Bengal tiger cub siblings, are on display in the Children's Zoo section of the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo. The cubs were born on May 31, 2008 to a pair that is on loan from the Toronto Zoo. (CTV.ca)

After a long photo editing session I was able to come up with these two pictures. Keep in mind:
1. my point and shoot camera
2. very dark
3. the cubs were behind very dirty glass (too many dirty children hands trying to wake them up)

Awwwwwwwwh - does it get much cuter! I love the big belly!


Quick kiss...

We just got back from the Saskatoon Forestry Farm and Zoo. Before I head off to bed, I thought I would post a picture of this little miss. She only had eyes for Derek. And when he left her, she would squeak at him. It was soooooooo gosh darn adorable!!

I will post more photos tomorrow. The baby white tiger cubs were in bed sleeping but I did manage to get a few somewhat decent pictures of them.

Photo contest entry: Motion


Pretty in pink...

I lied. These pink shoes are far from pretty. Actually they are probably the most ugliest shoe I have ever seen, seriously, who would buy these things. Oh wait, I bought them. I should post these uber fantastic shoes on WB's and watch an uproar in the making!!!

I wear slippers every single moment in my home, so I decided to be crazy and go over to the Dawgs store last night. I got these little puppies for $5. I am pretty sure they are Styrofoam and don't let my feet breathe at all, but they sure help my tender tootsies in other ways.

I waited in line for about 15 minutes to buy these. The person ahead of me wanted to get a refund on her Dawgs because she had worn them for 4 months and they starting to wear. Four months - go buy a new pair for pete's sake!

Anyway, here are the girls... Don't worry, I promise never to wear them out of the house.

So, don't you agree?? Have you ever seen anything worse?? :D


Indiana Jones...

Ok, I fully admit that instead of getting fresh air and taking photographs, I have been playing Lego Indiana Jones on Xbox 360 with Derek. Yes, that is right, we rented the game on Saturday and we have played it pretty much everyday. We want to beat it before it has to go back to Blockbuster tomorrow. So guess where we will be tonight - sad but true. The yard and house will have to come later - games first :D