Fa la la la...

Christmas is here!! If you know me, you know that there isn't too much that is subtle about Deanne. Same goes with Christmas decorating. Christmas pretty much slaps you in the face when you step into our home :) ...And I love it!

The mantel: Yesterday it all came crashing down around me, breaking into many bits all over the floor. It was a disaster - glass ornaments were broken, the penguin stocking holders broke into bits, my stockings were in heaps, and there was glitter everywhere, plus my tears. Derek was there to calm me down. Thank goodness for my trusty hot glue gun. Now it is all secure and shouldn't be going anywhere.

And we can't forget lil Baby Jesus Snowman overlooked by Mary and Joseph, he is my absolute favorite holiday decoration.

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jenn b said...

Your decor is exquisite! Such vibrant colours!