Christmas wreath... Check!

Next on the Christmas crafty list, the wreath that will go above the fireplace. I heart my glue gun again, it sure makes being crafty easier!

Very easy to make wreath:

1. place wreath (of any size) on a flat work service.

2. arrange as many ornaments as you feel is appealing to the eye. I have quite a few going on here.

3. take one ornament off, add glue from your glue gun and shove ornament back into place ;)

4. continue gluing and shoving, until all ornaments are adhered into place.

5. add a ribbon - I made mine with wired ribbon (ribbon that can be bent into shape). I used craft wire to adhere ribbon to wreath.

And there you have it, my silver-hot pink-blue-light pink-gold wreath! I figure I used about $5 worth of materials.


jenn b said...

You did such a beautiful job!! Wanna make one for me too?!?!? :) :) :)

Jen said...

And now after Christmas you can sell it for $10!