Hmmm, I am on fire?

Wellllll... I tried... I can't leave the lens open enough to right a letter, let alone something fancy! I have no idea what I am doing wrong LOL - maybe it's my dang camera.

So, here is my first attempt at "light writing"
Uhmmm... "A" is for "apple" :D

Then I thought I would try to get really creative. I wanted it to look like I had a fire bomb coming out of my hand (probably a bit too over ambitious) and instead, it now looks like my orange face is on fire. :D
I am off to try some more.


Alycia Hildebrand said...

Those look very cool!!!

jenn b said...

I really like the second one!!!!!

Theresa T said...

Like the last one where it looks like you're on fire.