An evening of hallway running...

I think I hurt my neck. For a few hours straight I have been running up and down my hallway in the dark with a lighted two-by-four in my hands. What a sight!!!! But I suppose I got my exercise for the week. I had to quit early because my light batteries went dead, which is just as well - all my creativity left an hour prior to that.

Running around in circles, making myself dizzy:

Running around in circles making hearts:

Running around in circles making a mess:

Very bright and simple. It is supposed to be a bow with ribbon (seriously, that is what I was trying for-too bad it didn't work out better). This is my contest entry this week:

And, so you believe me about the two-by-four, here it is: straight from the garage. I stuck some good for nothing lights on it and taped some colored tissue paper too. What a beauty!

"Lights on a Stick" :D


Alycia Hildebrand said...

Love how you got the effects!! Light writing is hard!!

Jenn M said...

LOVE them!!

jenn b said...

Very creative!!

Theresa T said...

Like the lights on a stick idea! Seemed to make some interesting photos.