Artsy fartsy...

Some say I redecorate like I change my underwear. Not a week goes by without me rearranging, revamping, redecorating, restoring, repainting, refurbishing (you get the point). So this weekend I got the bright idea of re"theme"ing (is that a word) our living room. I wanted bright, cheerful, and airy. So I got busy with the new beach theme. Nothing over the top. Just a hint of the seaside. Ofcourse, I makeover wouldn't be me, without doing it on a budget :) I thought I would share just a bit of what I did this weekend - hope you don't mind.

My candles that I re-did (cost $0). BTW: I don't burn pillars - so the ribbon will be unharmed.

My seaside painting:
Costs - $3 for more blue paint
50 cents for the bristle board paper
(everything else has be recycled)

Here is the end result for the mantel. My $3.50 painting (which is supposed to represent sand, water and the sky) and I spent $1 on stone-look spray paint (got it on clearance). I spray painted the pillar candles with it.

So for a total of $4.50 - I gave the mantel a whole new look!


jenn b said...

It looks great; you are my hero!!
I especially love the angle with which you shot the second one!

Jen said...

As always it looks amazing! I am so unbelievably jealous.

Jenn M said...

WOW!!!!! Can you come do my living room ;) It looks great and the painting turned out super cool!!!

lemon_tart said...

Wow, that's super impressive. And your painting looks great!

Char said...

Oh I love it!!!
Very talented missy! I wish I had even a scraping of your creativity.