Waskesiu Lake Pt 4 - Bambi!!!!

We were so fortunate to find a white-tailed deer mother and her two little fawns at the gate of Beaver Glen.

Bambi #1 being very shy.

Coming from the bush to see mommy.

Having a little snack.

Here comes Bambi #2!

The only photo I was able to take of both the little ones together with their mom.

And just as quickly as they came out of the bush, they went back in.

Tell me they aren't cute!


jenn b said...

I love the last one as they are walking away!

CrackelJam said...

Aww the fawns are so cute! How close were you?

Jenn M said...

WOW!!!! Amazing shots!! And agreed - how close were you able to get !?!?!!