Our walk...

We decided to go to Derek's work (at Innovation Place) for our walk tonight. It turned into such a nice evening considering it threatened to rain all day.

A robin playing in the stream.

The gazebo where we had our wedding photos done - we had to be sheltered as it poured on our wedding day.


We had gotten brave on our wedding day and ventured from under cover to take some pictures on this bench. When we first started dating I wanted our wedding pictures to be here.

Some random flowers:

Poppies (I think)

Any ideas of what these are??

A fuzzy dandelion too


jenn b said...

Oh Deanne - I love your photos from yesterday! I love the softness of the shots of the gazebo, the chairs, and the path. The lighting is also wonderful with those; it looks more like morning than evening light - GREAT job!!
I also love how you shot the bench; I, too, enjoy going back to the places we had our wedding photos taken at! I haven't photographed them myself yet though.
Lastly, I'm pretty sure the yellow flowers are ranunculus and the white ones are definitely white poppies!

CrackelJam said...

I love the second yellow flower one and the chairs! Great set of shots :)

~Carly~ said...

Those photos are so good. The softness is really fitting.

Jenn M said...

Jenn nailed it on the head!!! I LOVE these shots!!! My favorites are the chairs and the bench - the composition speaks volumes but they're all WOW!!
Great work!

Deanne said...

Awwwhh - thanks girls - means bunches to me :)

Theresa T said...

Soem really great shots. To shoot the robin in the first shot, it looks like you may have had to get a bit wet to get it from that angle. Or would that just be me..?