Velvet Tuberose...

One of my favorite perfumes (Bath & Body Works Velvet Tuberose) arrived on my doorstep!!! I had gotten a sample when I was in Vegas for Christmas last year but I didn't smell it until I had gotten home. Well I instantly loved it but unfortunately Bath & Body Works does not ship to Canada. I found a brand new bottle on Ebay and won it for cheap, cheap, cheap. It smells delish!

Elegant. Rare. Glamorous. (or so the bottle tells me)


jenn b said...

The first one is so crisp and clear that it almost looks like the name is superimposed on it! I also really something about the last one....I think it's mostly the light pink hue....very nice!
I've never tried their perfumes but I can't ever get enough of their hand soaps - any or all of them!

Katherine said...

I'm drawn to the last one too.

Mmmm bath and body works, dangerous, dangerous place. For my wallet that is.