The CPR Bridge...

Our beautiful CPR Bridge (completed in 1907) in the heart of Saskatoon. Derek and myself used to take walks here all the time when we first started dating.

The new stairs going up to the bridge.

The bridge in all its glory.

Looking from underneath.

One of the paths by the Weir.

We had just gotten off the bridge when a train came (the walkway is right beside the train tracks). Derek said he would have jumped if he were up there.

A view from above.

More of the bridge from above.

And again. We are trying to figure out what the purpose of these old things are (they jut out from the bridge itself). I sure wouldn't want to stand on it.


~Carly~ said...

The last picture has such fantastic colours!

Deanne said...

Thanks!! That is to attrack the girls who like color pics :)

CrackelJam said...

Love that bridge and great set of shots! DH and I used to live at Ogle Hall about a 5 minute walk away... we would walk there all the time when we first started dating and when DH proposed it was on that bridge with the Northern Lights shimmering above.