Birthday wishes...

Well, another birthday has come and gone. I thought I would share a few of my beautiful gifts. I was really spoiled this year by friends and family. Thanks for all the good wishes!

I was really lucky Derek remembered that I love B&B Works. The "strawberry patch" room spray smells like you dipped your sniffer into a bowl of fresh strawberries - yummers!

All 18 3 fluid oz bottles. Derek took them all on the plane as his luggage left without him, but that is another story.

And Derek also bought me Warm Vanilla Suger perfume from B&BWorks as well.

I received a fabulous bouquet from a co-worker.

Derek bought me a outdoor fountain - I lub it!!!

A Guess wallet from Derek - it is soooooo purty!

And Derek took this photo of me enjoying the 5 cent Canadian Tire money left in a bag (Derek has a creative way of wrapping things).

So now "they" tell me I am another year older and wiser. I haven't felt any difference yet, but maybe when I go back to work tomorrow I will blow everyone away with my knowlege.


Pam's Perspective said...

Cool fountain!

Jenn M said...

Happy belated birthday!!! It looks like you got lots of awesome stuff :) I *heart* B&B Works too!

prairiegirl365 said...

That's an awesome fountain!

Happy belated birthday

jenn b said...

Yay for the fountain!! I also love the off-centredness (is that a word??) of the gerbera daisy!

CrackelJam said...

Great job on the photos and nice birthday haul! I like the ones you took of the perfume and the daisy is gorgeous!

~Carly~ said...

Happy belated birthday!

I really like the unique perspectives you used for these photos.