The plants are out...

As of May 15th the plants have to fend for themselves, makes for tougher flowers.

Lots of great flowers: Lobelia, strawberries with pink flowers, salmon geraniums, spikes, and yellow marigolds. The 2 white containers are for the front cement planters.

Butterfly happy in the Pansies - the real ones aren't out yet

Cold Petunia

Lambs Ear - soft and fuzzy

All the beautiful Pansies (yellows, oranges, purples, whites, and reds)

Mint - smells fantastic!!

Some of the same flowers as above, with my birdbath

Now grow, grow, grow!!!!!


Derek said...

That lambs ear is such a nice exotic plant. What an awesome awesome idea. I must inquire, where did you find such a rariety?

Deanne said...

I know, isn't it fabulous?