Other Rooms...

No "afters" only "befores"

Our sweet little Guest Room
Someday I will paint it a nice buttercream color

Downstairs Den
Paintings $20 (by yours truly)
Hand me down furniture from the IL's $0
Derek's TV $1500 LOL

Bathroom #2 (Guest bathroom on 2nd level)

Our office (the only decent picture I have)
Derek's Toys $1 million :D

Bathroom #3 (downstairs)
This is the after - no pics of before

My new soap dish (not a bargain at $10)

No one wants to see Bathroom #4 (master bedroom ensuite). That's Derek's bathroom which is never up to my "standards".

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Derek said...

I wonder if Deanne reads her comments? Am I wasting my time here? Deanne u smell!!