Garfield, our neighbor's cat...

Ok, so I think I have figured it out. Our neighbor's cat (whom I have named Garfield) has been known to hang out in our front and back yard. It really doens't bother me but Max, Baby and Peeps aren't very appreciative of their new neighbor. Plus I think he poops in our bushes and flower garden - not good. I am the "poop nazi". Even Peeps has a special spot to "go".

So, on with my story... 2 days ago we come home from work and Garfield (or so I think it is) is sitting under one of our front shrubs. I try to scare him away, he doesn't blink an eye and rubs up against me purring. Hmmm.... this isn't working, so I put Peeps on his leash and bring him out. That doesn't work either, infact it make Garfield even more mad. HUH? What happened to the skittsh Garfield I *somewhat* know? Garfield swipes at Peeps (first time Peeps has been "put" in his place) and bites Derek.

So this damn cat is now really holding us hostage in our own yard. We can't get rid of him and we try, he completely freaks out.

By the time I figured out how to get him out of our yard (turn on our sprinklers), the cat is gone (damn, I wanted to try the damn sprinkles on that evil cat).

So, on with my story... this morning I saw Garfield again, run across to his home. Dang it!!! That's not the cat that went psycho on us!! There are TWO "Garfields" in our neighborhood. Sheesh, what happened to our city bylaw?

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Jenn said...

we had the problems with cats too
turned out a street away there was a lady who took in strays and just them wonder during the day she has over 20 cats at one point.